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March 26th 2010
Published: March 27th 2010
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Our House!Our House!Our House!

On a double lot so we have lots of land. And the best part.... check out that 125 foot long dock. Awesome!
Yes.... it is true. We have just bought a house and are officially landlubbers again!

But I am getting ahead of myself, so let me back up and tell you how it all happened. We have absolutely loved living on board, sailing throughout the Caribbean, and the adventure of it all. But there comes a point. Actually, it is more of a turning point. After sailing down to the end of the Caribbean Chain, you stop and wonder where do we go from here? You can always go west along the coast of Venezuela, to Columbia and Panama... then either thru the canal to the Pacific or work your way north along Central America and Mexico. Or you can set sail across the pond to Europe and sail the Med. Neither of these options appealed to us for one reason or another, mainly safety issues and travel time at sea. So you end up asking yourself, what now? We have seen the entire Caribbean and most of the islands in the Bahamas and have seen what we came to see. We have completed our adventure.

Besides the fact, we are both getting tired of living onboard. It is a

Love the lines and angles.... so 70's.... so cool!
great lifestyle, but very challenging. And as you all know, it is a terrific time to buy a house. So we started the discussion of where we wanted to live. But where to go??? Obviously we have to live on the coast because we want to continue boating. And we wanted year round boating, not just in the summer months. We researched all the different options, and surprised ourselves when we decided to check out Texas. Yes... that’s right, we are moving to the bay area of Houston. It fit all of our criteria, and has so much more to offer. Great place for work, big city and culture, great houses and lots of land, etc. etc.

But we have never been there before. So first thing first, we decided to take a trip out to Kemah, Texas. We put the boat in the marina, the dog in the kennel, and took a flight back to the States. We toured the city, looked at lots of houses, and just fell in love with the place. The people are friendly, the food is delicious, and it is such a large boating community (the third biggest in the US, actually). And
Gourmet KitchenGourmet KitchenGourmet Kitchen

No more small galley and boat stove for me :)
by the end of the trip, we put an offer on an amazing house… Our house now!

Check it out! Our house is totally awesome and we absolutely love it. It is a 5000 square foot house, 70’s style with an open layout, on a double lot (so we have lots of land). It has been completely remodeled and is just gorgeous. Nice big kitchen, two bars (one formal one and another in the game room), 4 bedrooms, a den and formal dining room, a workshop in the back for Jay, an outdoor kitchen for entertaining, and the best part of all… a 125 foot long boat dock in the back. We are on a deep water canal just minutes away from the inlet to the Gulf. How cool is that?!?!

So the plan is to sail the Rum Runner back to Texas, tie it up to the dock in the back, and move off. And although I am sad that this adventure is ending, I am sure that it will open up our lives to the next big adventure, whatever that is. And in the meantime, I will finish the blog with our trip back north. Not
Open LayoutOpen LayoutOpen Layout

Love the open layout, where the kitchen opens up to the living room and this formal bar and gameroom.
to worry, we still have lots ahead of us. We will be setting sail to the Spanish Virgin Islands next week, then along the coast of Puerto Rico. From there we will stage for our big passage up to Turks and Caicos. We hope to spend a little more time exploring and diving Turks and Caicos before returning to the Bahamas and then onto the States. It sure is a long way back, over 2,000 miles to go. So as always, wish us fair winds and following seas.

Additional photos below
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But this is where the fun really happens... it is our big gameroom with a full bar.
Dining RoomDining Room
Dining Room

Such a nice dining room... love the brick wall which is repeated in several rooms throughout the house.
Outdoor EntertainingOutdoor Entertaining
Outdoor Entertaining

And if that isn't all, we have an outdoor kitchen too! This house is set up to entertain.

The bathrooms are remodelled and have granite countertops, copper sinks, and grantie tiles imported from Turkey.
Master BedroomMaster Bedroom
Master Bedroom

And we have a huge master bedroom, with a fireplace on the far wall... love it!

The top deck of the master bedroom, with a huge jacuzzi, plenty of room for rocking chairs and patio tables, and this view of our canal.

27th March 2010

This is wonderful - what a home! Have been following you since Charleston! You have arrived! Keep blogging re: those great future trips.
27th March 2010

big dog little dog
100sq feet and unable to stand up straight to a 5000sq foot house! You're going to feel like ants in that place after all that time aboard ship. hahaha
27th March 2010

Great Idea!!!
So excited that you are coming to Texas and we will be the closest family members to you! Houston is just a hop skip and a jump from Dallas and you will love living in that area. Your house is amazing...can't wait for you to get settled so Kathryn and I can come for a visit or to come to help get the house organized, whatever! I will pray for you as you start this journey toward a new life style. Happy and safe sailing to Texas!!! Love you, Margaret
28th March 2010

yes, it had to end sometime-
Hi, How long could you live at Sea?You made the right decision and I know it will work out for you.Hope to visit those digs in TX!
28th March 2010

wahhhtt?? Noooooooooo?
After coming back from Bequia and meeting some "sailors" and loving the area, I found your blog and thought I could live vicariously through you. ohhhhhnooooooooo Seriously so happy for you. doggie will love it too and now you have the best of both. but the water adventure is not done yet as you say so I'll still get my fix for a little while. you're a fantastic writer. cheers from Kennebunkport yet another place for you to sai into not quite the same as those carribbean waters though sadly
29th March 2010

Your Next Chapter
Congratulations on finding such a wonderful house!!! If it's time to return to land, might as well do it in style!!! Sounds like you did your homework and found a place that will be a great place to continue life on the water! We would love to see it in person... maybe we can get down there one day! Take care and enjoy your continued blessings... Love, Christine and Ralph Templin and Family
30th March 2010

See you have a spare outboard..
Oh my gosh you guys!!! Big changes, but we knew it was only a matter of time as you had mentioned Florida before. We are so happy for you and a 125 foot wharf!!! Sounds like there may be room for visitors? Anyways, we are really happy for you both and Kona but continue to miss you. Lynn and Randy S/V High States at present in Shelter Bay, Colon, Panama
1st April 2010

how r ya
Hi , j 'n' j; So ur headed back on land ah! , r u coming back through our way or stopping by Spanish Wells ? Nice home i see you have got , hopefully i will be home when you guys are passing by us. Looking foward to seeing you all soon... PS: SHENELL says hi......
12th April 2010

will are boat fit
do you have 220 on my dock? luv you...................
14th April 2010

Yes!!! The Got-to-party will fit on our dock, right beside the Rum Runner :) We will dedicate a special spot for you called "cell block d". So come on over. As for the 220, we will have to get an inverter... but won't be held responsible if it blows up your tv. Love you guys!
2nd May 2010

Welcome to Texas!
I live in Houston and I have been following your blog for years - I am so excited you are moving here. We have a permanent home in SW Houston and beach place in Surfside, TX. We go to the Bahamas a lot (Great Exuma) - your stays in George Town is how I found your blog. Good luck and be safe in your travels home to Texas.

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