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March 20th 2011
Published: March 21st 2011
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Winner Winner Winner

This was the winners of the outhouse races
I was searching the internet for a day trip and saw where Granbury was having a General Granbury’s Birthday Celebration. I looked at the schedule of events and saw they were having an outhouse race. I could not pass that up. I called my friend Leigh Ann to see if she was interested in going too. I picked her up when she got off work at 11 and we headed to Granbury for the outhouse races. We arrived there about 1:00 p.m. and since the races didn’t start until 3:30 we wandered around town looking at all the booths set up for the festival and the checking out the stores on the square. The booths were just the typical ones you find at a festival. The stores had a lot of unique items. It was fun looking in them. Then it was time for the outhouse races. The website said they would have races of 4 outhouses then the winner of each race would move up to the next round. We were so disappointed. There was only 1 race and it only had 2 outhouses. The outhouses had to have 4 walls and a roof and could not be motorizes. It

Winners of the outhouse races
was a 3 person team and 1 person had to sit inside. They made 1 lap around the square. The one that won was pretty cool, it had funny saying written on the outside of it.

As we were leaving Granbury, Leigh Ann saw some high poles in a circle with a pulley on them. A wire was being pulled around the circle. We went to check it out. A canal had been dug into a circle and filled with water. The wire was pulling water skiers around the circle and they were doing ski jumps. It was cool to watch.

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Winning outhouse

Winning outhouse

Winning outhouse
Second PlaceSecond Place
Second Place

This was the second place AKA last place outhouse being loaded up after the race.
Bean eating contestBean eating contest
Bean eating contest

The girl in the middle in the green won by eating 2 bowls of beans the fastest.
Bean eating contestBean eating contest
Bean eating contest

I see a theme here. Beans and outhoused !!!
Statues just off the squareStatues just off the square
Statues just off the square

This was called Bi-Focal Buddies. Looks just like something old men would be doing. !!

This plant looked so real however it was made out of iron. I had to touch it to make sure it wasn't real.

This was cool looking.
The Nutt House HotelThe Nutt House Hotel
The Nutt House Hotel

This hotel is on the square. I saw it and had to go see how many relatives were registered.
Nutt HouseNutt House
Nutt House

I was waiting for all the relatives to come out of the hotel. It had to be full of them. :)
Water SkiersWater Skiers
Water Skiers

Water skiers we saw in the canal.

22nd March 2011

You keep me amused. lol
23rd March 2011

That is what I am here for... your entertainment LOL

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