Texas Indepedence Trail Day 4: Gonzalez and Goliad

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March 13th 2013
Published: February 14th 2014
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Texas Independence Trail Day 4!!!

My busiest day ever so far!!!!

Started off bright and early at Lulu's Bakery and cafe for some huge chicken friend steak and scrambled eggs. The steak needed its own plate! It was delicious and not all breading like some other steaks. I couldn't drive afterwards. I was too stuffed so stopped at a Bucc-ee's and napped for an hour or so to let my bloated-ness settle.

I then headed to Gonzalez, TX, site of the Dewitt Colony (helped by Jose Antonio Navarro of course!) Stephen F. Austin had his colony in central Texas and Dewitt had his. Austin's colony prospered a bit more. Still, the town is a pretty little town. It has a nice main street feel to it. Plus they have a historic jail! It even has the gallows and noose and everything. Plus there is a museum in the traditional arc deco style which is the official state architectural style of Texas. The Gonzalez Memorial Museum a small museum and really the only thing going for it is that it houses the actual Come and Take It Cannon which started the whole Mexico and Texas mess. Its such a tiny cannon but its huge in importance. Mexico wanted the cannon back. Texas fired it and told Mexico, "Come and take it!" And the whole bloody fiasco escalated. Way to go cannon gunner!

There are some historical homes around the museum which are cool to look at. I was glad I stopped here. I've driven past it several times on my way to Goliad but I never knew there was more to it than just a drive through.

There are 3 Monuments to the First Shot Fired also. The first one celebrates the volunteers and tells one that yes the first shot was fired close to here. The second monument is by the road which says the first shot was fired here but not really here, just a little on down the road. And the final monument is where the actual shot was fired. It even says so. So three monuments for one event. I like it!

A hop, skip, and a jump away was Goliad. Goliad is one of my favorite cities anywhere. It has plenty of Texas History starting with Goliad State Park, home of the Goliad Mission. The mission has been restored and it looks brand new with its bright white exterior. The mission's fame wasn't converting the natives though. It gained fame through its thousands of heads of cattle the mission was in charge of. Not bad for a mission.

Right down the road is my Presidio La Bahia. This Spanish era fort controlled the area from atop of a sloping hill. The presidio has strong walls and a pretty chapel. Really its one of my favorite places in Texas. Its full of history and drama and uniqueness. I can never get over how wonderful this place is to me. Plus it serves as a nexus to so much Texas History. Right behind the presidio is the Goliad Massacre Monument where Mexican soldiers executed 300 Texian soldiers including General Fannin. The mysterious Angel of Goliad managed to rescue some folks though and a statue at a small plaza next to the monument celebrates her achievement. Also on the grounds is the General Zaragoza birthplace. This tiny house celebrates the Mexican general who defeated the French at Puebla giving us Cinco de Mayo! Yay Margaritas!

If you drive further north you come to the Fannin Battleground State Historic Site. This gated park is kept nice and neat and has a tiny museum. Its the place where the battle took place and where the army surrendered. Poor Fannin should of kept fighting.

Afterwards my mission was just to make it to Surfside Beach right on the Gulf of Mexico. That was my place for the night so I could start my venture into Galveston in the morning. I shall see where tomorrow takes me.

But before that I arrived at the La Salle Monument to celebrate the famous French explorer who claimed land in Texas for France.

The story so far:

-DeWitt Colony

-Come and Take It Cannon

-Monuments to the First Shot Fired


-Goliad Mission

-Presidio La Bahia

-Zaragoza Birthplace

-Angel of Goliad

-Fannin Massacre

-Fannin Battleground

-La Salle and French Texas

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