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November 7th 2011
Published: November 7th 2011
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This past weekend was spent at one of my family's ranch. It started off by me getting my Texas licence, I'm actually kind of excited to get it in a few weeks to see what it looks like. I also got to try my first "Texas Bar-B-Q". You go into these restaurants I guess you could call them, and they have hugggee amounts of different kinds of meat, you pick one (or multiple) and they cut it up right infront of you and put different sauces on it etc etc, it was neat to see, but of course I had no freaking clue what to do once I got up to the counter. After that we headed to the ranch. It's called Blue Creek Ranch. At this ranch they breed deer to sell and for people to come and hunt on their land ( Anyways, the Ranch is about an hour and a half outside of Houston and is on a massive area of land. The house was beautiful and has amazing views of the creek. They have people to come in and cook for us for the entire weekend and to clean the ranch, and has an amazing bar area, which makes it so much better! haha The weekend (and many more to come) was spent just hanging out, walking, got to see armadillos, horses, lots of deer of course and I got informed that I am going to be learning how to shoot a gun sometime in the next year, and I know that is a scary thought to most of you. I'll be spending a lot of time out at this ranch in the next couple months, so I should be a sniper by the time I come home in October.

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This one is for Lee

A Southern Texas TV

8th November 2011

So i am pretty sure that i would love it there and so happy or you. What great things you are going to be doing and learning. Sniper Carlee.. haha i love it. Take some pics of the horses for me :)

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