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January 10th 2007
Published: January 27th 2007
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We stopped in Dallas to see my grandfather, who is not doing well health wise. My brother, Jess, came in from Louisiana also. Jess picked us up at the airport and we headed over to Skippy and Grandpa’s place. Grandpa is mentally sharp and an amazing man to talk to. He became emotional as I told him about my memory box that I had sorted through. I had post cards from all over the world that he had sent me. I also had a letter from him giving the “shape up and help your mother” speech. I questioned him about his time flying during WWII. He was a “hump” pilot flying over the Himalayas from India to China to bring fuel and supplies to the Fighting Tigers, who were fighting the Japanese that were invading China. After being in China my curiosity of that part of his life has grown. I had always known my grandfather loved to fly, as a little girl I remember being in his small plane. It was his love of flying that led him to flying the hump.
My grandfather was very interested in my brother’s view of the Iraq war and how to get the American public’s attitude to change. My grandfather was very emotional about the lack of respect for the office of the President. I got the feeling that he feels that he has fought for this country and worked hard through his involvement in politics to make and keep America strong from outside sources and that the general public is currently weakening it. My brother feels confident about the new commander (excuse me if that is not the correct title) in Iraq, as it was his boss during his first stay in Iraq. He says the man is brilliant besides being experienced in Iraqi affairs. As unpopular as the idea is too many Americans, Jess agrees that more troops are necessary to restore order and begin the long process of training and final withdrawal. In talking to him it makes complete sense. Currently there are not enough troops to train and provide the support for Iraqi troops to succeed. Pulling out now would only put both the inexperienced Iraqi troops and the smaller remaining American force in jeopardy.

I will try to scan my grandfather's WWII story and post it.


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