June 15th: What does 30% chance of rain really mean?

Published: June 20th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Wet, Wet and more Wet.

Rained off and on all night. Tent, occupants and equipment therein all were
dry. A late start to the day trying to keep all the wet stuff away from the dry
stuff. Then after getting rolling we needed to stop .3 mile from the shelter for
our daily water top off. We had been told the next 13 miles were dry, so I
ensured we would have no problems today. Only a few NoBos this morning and most
were in a hurry. We were also in a bit of a hurry as the weather was unsettled.
We are seeing less and less people throughout the days now that we have left
Damascus. Had lunch at the Vandeventer Shelter then headed for the Watauga Lake
Shelter. We had about an hours worth of heavy rain just after lunch. We walked
through the storm. Just before getting to Watauga Lake the sun came out and
warmed us for a while.
We arrived at the shelter by 5:45PM. There is a very nice stream less than
100' from the shelter. We had chili with torts and cheese for supper. No one
here but us. Just after I had washed up the pot and spoons the thunder started
up again. We thought about moving on a mile or so after eating. Scrapped that
and put the tent up inside the shelter, no flat spots and looks like more than a
rodent or two call the place home. It is also warmer by five degrees or so
inside the tent without any air moving about.
I would write more, but I ask forgiveness. 13 miles today, 15.9 yesterday and
10 the day before. That and we have been wet most of the day, now in the
Sleeping bag. Hard to get motivated to write in the supine position, dry, warm
and a full stomach. We will end at a hostel tomorrow. Hope the rain lets up
before morning, been at it for over an hour now. Why do we get 100% of the
30%-40% chance of rain every day?

Patrick, Deborah Mooney aka OD & CC
All Who Wander Are Not Lost


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