The Black Hills, South Dakota

Published: October 2nd 2006
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Due to a tragic event happening to the camera, the amount of pictures we can share will be limited for the next few days... We apologize for the inconvenience :-)
Today we went to Mt Rushmore. This is the place where they have the faces of 4 presidents carved into a granite mountain. This idea started with the South Dakota people trying to find a way to promote their otherwise fairly boring state. The 4 that have been carved in the mountain are the following: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The size of the carving is mind boggling. After this visit, we made our way through the Iron Mountain Road, a twisty road built only for enjoying the scenery. The tunnels on this road were strategically placed so that each one perfectly frames the Mt Rushmore at one end. Then we continued on to the Needles Highway that takes you up to some rock formations that look like needles. They were fairly similar to the formations in Capadoccia, Turkey.
We then headed to disappointment... the Crazy Horse Memorial. The Crazy Horse Memorial is a mountain carving of an Indian riding a Horse. Since the Black Hills belonged to the Indians originally and are sacred for them, they thought it would be appropriate to have this memorial here. It is also a response to Mt Rushmore that was built on their land. It is still a work in progress and there is no end date set. It will of course be bigger than Mt Rushmore. We were disappointed because the entrance fee was very high and all we got to see was the sculpture from afar and a not so well done museum and film.
One last interesting point: South Dakotans build a lot of their bridges with wood... we were very surprised.


11th October 2006

Black Hills
You really don't know what you are missing. Maybe you shouldlook at some of thecooler sites geared towards the black hills. THis area is very enchanting. This area brings your spirit to life. Maybe you should check out This is a fantastic site with lots of different things going on in the area.

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