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Published: September 14th 2009
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Ron was right -the fun did start in South Dakota!

The drive from Michigan is very long! One of the best parts is on highway 90 right at the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. It is all hills and valleys where the small rivers feed into the Mississippi.

There are stretches of S. Dakota that have acres and acres of corn and sunflowers.

We are in Custer State Park which is on the western edge of the state about 70 miles from Wyoming. This park is enormous, 71,000 acres in the Black Hills. We are in the Blue Bell campground; there are 7 others. On the way to the campsite we saw one buffalo along the road and one in a campground, big horn sheep were coming down the side of a hill, also a deer was munching away along the road. There were turkeys in the campground and a bunny on the way to the showers - and we haven't even gotten out the binoculars yet. The area is all mountains and crags and little streams covered by tall pine trees.

This morning was very foggy, but those crazy buffalo were still graziing next to the road. We also got some pictures of the prong horns and one area is known for its begging burros - ron fed one an apple

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15th September 2009

Haha love the pic of the begging burro! love it
15th September 2009

South Dakota
I LOVED South Dakota, much to my surprise. It was 90+ when I went through last July. Now don't tell me, that you didn't stop for the FAMOUS Corn Palace? or WALL DRUG? or Laura Ignalls Wilder's birth place? I stayed a couple days in Rapid City, which is very cool, has statues on all the downtown streets and a wonderful museum and trolley ride. From there is Mt Rushmore and you have to stop at Crazy Horse. There are too many more things to see to mention. Of course, this is assuming, you can drag yourself away from the donkeys! HE HAW (or was it a burro...what is the difference) GREAT BLOG...keep it up... Lynn
16th September 2009

Hey Lynn, We did stop at the Corn Palace the last time we came tot he Badlands and this time we stopped at Wall Drugs. We had the most awful lunch special at a bar there. It was only a hamburger, but so badly done. Mt Rushmore will be in an upcoming post. stay tuned. thaanks for commenting

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