Back by Philadelphia

Published: March 9th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Been back visiting at my mom's for almost two weeks now.

Ive gotten to catch up with a lot of old friends.
The Gang From Highschool - played apples to apples and enjoyed it for the first time. and even won my first game. Married and Pregnant and Happy. Always good to reconnect.
Old Timer Friend from Highschool and her just-turned-three son - Played games and chatted about life and what we had been learning doing the things we are doing.
My Other Brother from Highschool - living in the city now and met up to see Les Miserables at our old highschool. Always comfortable.
Lady Who Had Experienced Puru - Sunny day over the weekend and sat outside a local coffee shop and spoke of the world. The things that are happening and how everyones eyes need to be opened. Inspiring.
Freshman Year Friend from Northeastern - Visiting from Colorado and, over drinks and philly pretzels, talked about our new found spots in the world. Ones that feel good. Ones that are helping us grow. Such a surprise to see each other and it was wonderful.

And Im helping my mom with the play she is assistant directing at the Village Players. Helped paint sets, feed lines, stage manage, do lights. It opens this weekend so its busy and semi frantic. But good to be learning more about running theaters.

I am going through old art supplies and completing (or trying to) projects i have been working on sporadically for years.

Ive been busy. Painted an apartment for over a week and then learned how to put up scaffolding.

Trying to be productive. The sun has been steadily coming back. It feels right. First day of spring is getting closer and closer.

For Your Computer Eyes.
- passed down to me from the woman i interned with back in michigan.
- friend living in Detroit is putting together a literary zine. Shes accepting entries and subscriptions. They are beautiful and this is just starting out.
- Ive been telling people about this and wanted to share. Look into knowing about the large collection of plastic and other waste in the middle of the oceans.
- interesting journey some guys took into the ocean to see what the effect of plastic was on the fish. The videos found on the site are interesting. Recent first hand accounts are my favorite source of what is going on.


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