Published: August 16th 2008
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Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Holy Shit!!!!! I'm finally finally finaaaaaaaally going to LONDON!!!!!!!!!
This is kind of strange. For years I've wanted to go to London. So many of my favorite things hail from the UK, Shakespeare, the Beatles, etc. I can't wait to go there, to see where they must've walked. It'll be fun, weird, crazy and rainy, but I'm totally ready.
Tomorrow my parents are driving me to Chatham, New Jersey, where I'm staying with my friend, Caitlin. Then on Monday, Caitlin's parents are taking the two of us to the Newark airport. From there, we get to sit in a little room with the other Ithaca students, eat food and wait for three ridiculous hours until we can get on the plane. We'll arrive in London around six in the morning on Tuesday. From there, we are bused to our hotel and immediately begin orientation. I'm exhausted from packing now, I can't imagine adding jet lag on top of that. It'll be fine though, they have Starbucks in London. Phew! I will survive! The hotel and my school are located in Kensington, which is right off Hyde Park. Ithaca doesn't have any dorms, so we have the next five days, after we get there, to figure out the subway, sight see, maybe sleep and find our own flat. I'm nervous. I know they probably want to give us the "full London experience," ... I just wish I could experience it without any danger of my being homeless if those first five days don't go so well. But it'll be okay, I just have to keep telling myself that. My mother keeps telling me to breathe ... if I breathe, it'll be fine.
But ... basically, I am excited! I can't wait! I am going to be living in my own apartment for four months in London at the age of twenty-one. I'm a lucky lucky gal!
I'll be posting pictures here and writing down little bits of information for you to read. I wish I could take you all with me, or that all of you could visit. My grandparents said they'd come if there was a highway across the Atlantic. Maybe I'll have a little talk with Liz and see if she can do that for me.
Well, that's enough. I have a few more friends to say goodbye to today before I leave, so I better get going. You're all wonderful and I love you! See you at Christmas and check this page out again if you miss me.


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