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January 12th 2007
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Margaret and JesseMargaret and JesseMargaret and Jesse

92 and 93, respectively
Welcome to the Marriage of Margaret (92) and Jesse (93)

So My grandmother is getting married. My Family has a tendency to get married more than once. My dad's mom upped everyone's record to 5 marriages. She just kept outliving them all.
So tomorrow is my grandma Margaret's marriage to Jesse. They've already been on TV, according to the local florist. A local newspaper reporter will also be in attendance. Now, there wasn't enough room to invite all the people from her apartment building, so she got them a GIANT wedding cake to eat at lunch time.

On a more scandalous note, even when she was married to my grandpa Wilfred, they slept in separate twin beds. Well, ladies and gents, she gave those to two of her great grandchildren and put a QUEEN size bed in. AND she won't sleep in it till the wedding night so she's sleeping in my sister's room.

For the last kicker, one of her great grand children went to get into bed last night and saw that my grandma's heat pad was still on it. Worried, he said to his mother, "GG needs this! How will she keep warm? Well, actually, she has Jesse now." This little boy is 7 years old. 7.

Have a nice tomorrow and a message for you, it's never too late.


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