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December 29th 2017
Published: December 29th 2017
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UPDATE: You are on notice everyone! Our flight plans are being delayed.....not cancelled but delayed. We are disappointed, too. Lulu is in a state of morbid collapse (she’ll get over it once she thaws out). We must stay strong together and have patience. In my boredom, I found this definition: VIRTURE — An example or kind of moral excellence (the virtue of patience). I guess if we want to remain in the excellent category, we need to remain patient. We have resigned ourselves to it. Have to. “We can only focus on what we can control”.....words by Cory E. Guenter.

Our car repair shop called Cory this morning. They got the radiator in but it is the wrong one. Rats! So....they have to order another. AND now we are dealing with the holiday- HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yeah, right! Cory told them to also go ahead and order the air conditioner and fan parts and fix everything. This way, we won’t have to drop the car off at the Ford place in Florida......once and when we get there. So - it will be late next week before we can give our departure another shot. Fortunately, my big wall calendar shows a
few days into the year of 2018. We live but it and record every move we make on it. I’ve circled Thursday (January 4th) to hopefully leave Shongo......we’ll just have to take it a day at a time and see how it all works out. We still have to think about the weather......please Mother Nature...take pity on us and be kind. P-L-E-A-S-E.

Okay, folks.....make your choice: unpack or not. You decide. Cory bundled himself up so he looked like the Michelin Man and trudged out through the tundra to haul some of our stuff back in the house. We all know how he always has a few words to say about all the stuff I make him bring anyway. This time is no different except now we can double it with the loading and unloading twice. Less to reload when we finally get to leave.....we will be eating it up this week while we are still home. I’d invite you for a meal but it might consist of beefaroni, cheese puffs, brown gravy and canned tomatoes. We know you can always see something positive when it all seems bleak... if you really try. But why - why - does
it look kind of blurry? Sniffle, sniff.....tears.

We’ll give you a heads up when the time arrives that you need to grab your bags and be ready at the bus stop. No sense standing out in this brutal weather watching for us. Celebrating the New Year in some strange motel room probably wasn’t at the top of your wish list anyway. So now you can make some super festive plans to welcome in this new year....or like us, struggle just to stay awake to watch the ball drop on TV. Happy New Year everyone! We are planning that 2018 will bring us only smooth sailing and easy coasting into the state of Florida where we will begin our newest adventures together. Hallelujah! See you then fellow travelers.

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The Frozen TundraThe Frozen Tundra
The Frozen Tundra

Our RV is waiting for us in the polebarn

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