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May 16th 2012
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JDay 7 May 16th
Another morning in toronto unfortunately for me I had the big settee the first night here and it was my turn on the little one needless to say I woke up with a very bad back but I wasn't going to complain it was nice of them to offer us to stay anyway! We had made a silly bet last night that when rebecca wakes up early to go to work she would flip a coin and slap Micheal if it was tails or me if heads sometimes I wonder if our intellectual age will ever get above 12 as we would risk a slap to ourselves to laugh at the other one getting slapped, anyway Rebecca couldn't bring herself to do it thankfully someone is sensible. So our second day started with Micheal, Juliet and myself bumming around while the fire alarm constantly sounded because some idiot had burnt their toast and opened there door to the corridor making the hole block go off while this went on we were deciding what we should do today the general consensus was that we all needed food and a lot of it and if we ate enough we would be full all day and only need a snack before our long greyhound trip to New York that night. The first thing that came into my mind was all you can eat Chinese buffet which was very quickly agreed upon. So we set off straight to china town as we thought where better to go for a chinese buffet than china we had to be careful though because Juliet was skiving a day off work and the hospital she worked in was right next to china town after along time trundling up and down the streets no where seem to be offering a buffet service, our bellies were all rumbling half a day gone and still no food we decided it best to head back to the main city as there should be lots of options for affordable large portions on the way as we were heading down the street Juliet mentioned a Korean restaurant that normally has an all you can eat lunch menu well Micheal and I had never had Korean food before but decided all you can eat it didn't matter what it was. So we arrived at the Korean restaurant it wasn't to crowded and was very clean, it looked reasonably posh! My first thought was can I afford this, we were seated at a table which in the middle was a circular hole which had a gas powered heated plate in all three of us ordered the 10 dollar chicken beef and pork option which comes with rice and an assortment of marinated vegetables. All the meat and veg arrived raw with a boil of boiled rice each the meat was thinly sliced and marinated in a barbecue'y soy sauce type sauce We had a pare of tongs each to drop what we wanted into the middle and take it out when it was done. Myself and Juliet used chop sticks while michael could not work out how to properly use them (bless) it was absolutely delicious, incredible tastes. It was easy to get more when you needed all you needed to do was write the amount more you wanted next to the item on a receipt that they gave us and a few moments later it would arrive I was determined to eat myself into submission I wanted to really fill up and by the end we all waddled home with achy but very satisfied tummies. We met Rebecca at her apartment I then spent the next few hours trying to upload my pictures to Facebook and clear some space for the trip ahead Whilst Micheal sat on the settee with the girls watching beauty and the beast and glee (what a girl). We then got our bags and toddled off to the station just stopping to have a quick hotdog at a stall on the way before we said our goodbyes to our new very good friends that had been so very kind in putting us up and putting up with us for the last few days we hoped on the bus and within the next hour we were both asleep thankfully missing out on any other strange happenings that always seem to occur on the famous greyhound bus.


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