Day 3 - Finally At Camp

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June 23rd 2012
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Finally at camp woke up this morning and walked down to breakfast, only had about 3 hours sleep. Went down and on the way down i came across a strange animal one of the other guys yelled out Jesse what is it? i said its like a fluffy rat, turns out to be a squirrel. Later i met all the guys that i will be working with for the next 10 weeks and they are awesome dudes! the guys have been teaching me to talk more casual like an american and "word" has been added to my common vocabulary now, for those who don't know what "word" means its a way to affirm what someone has said. We had a camp opening fire last night were each village down a short song or skit after introducing everyone in their village, it was amazing fun. Sorry about the short post guys but today has been crazy and i need to get some sleep. Peace Out Guys!


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