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April 1st 2019
Published: May 25th 2019
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The day finally came!

I was off the whole day, had the house to myself and not much planned. Since I'd be gone for two weeks, I wanted to make sure I had all my bases covered. Bills were paid, the fridge was cleaned, I even stocked up on some freezer stuff so I don/'t have to shop right away upon returning. I took my time finalizing all my packing, and finally left the house at noon.

I had a reservation at Comfort Suites Cicero/Syracuse North, but could not check in until three.

I stopped in Clay for some last minute shopping. I lucked out and finally found a good spring coat for my trip, and a smaller wallet. When three rolled around, I finally checked into the hotel.

I only paid 125 USD for one night's stay and sixteen days parking, including a free breakfast and free shuttles to the airport. Living in Oswego, it's very hard to catch a ride to the airport. It's close to an hour's drive, not close enough to have friends just pick you up when your plane lands at midnight. The park-sleep-fly deals usually work pretty well for me.I only needed a place to stay for the night, and booked the cheapest room. Lo and behold, the room was HUGE: A large, comfy bed, a desk, a family-room area complete with couch and coffee table. It was more than I needed, but I was very pleased. I had NOTHING to do, so I appreciated the lounge space. When I checked in, the staff told me there would be complimentary dinner in the lobby. What? I had never heard of such a thing! I didn't bring any dinner with me, and I really was dreading having to go get some food, so I was, again, quite pleased. I relaxed in my room until dinner, then headed for the lobby. There was a young lady offering free glasses of wine (yay!) and there was a large vat of scalloped potatoes and ham. Now, this wasn't great food by any means, but it was free, and had ham in it. Perfect! I had some dinner and some pretty decent wine before I returned to my room.

The following morning, I would embark on my first trip to Europe. I listened to some music (Gorrilaz and Leonard Cohen) while I did some last minute research on how to use the subways in Austria, among other things. I get so nervous before traveling. The only thing that eases that feeling is planning..makes me feel somewhat in control. Therefore, I tend to plan the crap out of my trips!! I felt pretty prepared by nighttime, and had a very comfortable sleep.

What a great room and wonderful stay I had!


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