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March 5th 2009
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Bamboo and DirtBamboo and DirtBamboo and Dirt

Kyle checking out our gift
I hope that song is now stuck in your head. It’s been in mine all day.

Yesterday was a 10-hour drive, taking us from Michigan through Wisconsin, into Minnesota and down to Iowa. There might have been 9 buildings in this town. Oh well, it was a bed.

We got up this morning and hit the road again- all I did was sleep and read, as usual. But I was wide-awake for entering Nebraska, my 48th state! It was a beautiful day. Once we got to the venue, we walked to Jimmy John’s and enjoyed lunch in the wonderful sun.

As I was doing my advances, I talked to the ME here. Her name is Collie, “Collie like the dog.” I thought it was interesting for two reasons. One, I grew up with collies. Two, I vaguely remember working with another ME named Collie, “Collie like the dog.” But for the life of me, I couldn’t remember where. We were sitting and eating lunch as the crew started to arrive. As soon as she stepped out of the car, I knew who it was, and I knew it was Collie. How, though? We were introduced and I asked
Rolled Up Like a TacoRolled Up Like a TacoRolled Up Like a Taco

Resty, me and Claire
her if she has worked anywhere else, but she said now. Although, she did mention that she is on the road every winter- with Manheim Steamroller. That’s right folks, she and I worked together in Spokane. Several years ago, we decided you’re officially a veteran stagehand when you have seen a road crew come back, so what happens when you and someone else run into each other in two different states- each one at home? Fun.

I love working in Union houses where they cross lines. We had a great crew once again, and load in and focus went really fast. Once we were done, we hit dinner and came back to the hotel. Sarah, Dana and I went to a Mongolian BBQ restaurant where they had actual bamboo on the vegetable bar. A running joke with the crew is that Sarah eats bamboo and dirt. We grabbed some bamboo from Dana’s plate and picked up some dirt on the way back to give to Kyle for dessert.

The New Sarah’s room is much bigger than all the rest of them, so we went in to see. Claire, Patience and Lynate were bouncing off the walls, doing flips

Patience, Claire, me and Lynate are flying superheros! You should've heard the sound effects!
and having lots of fun. Sarah and I quickly jumped in and taught them how to “Superman” onto the beds. Lots of fun. We also taught them the old Girl Scout game where one person puts their arms behind her back and the other person stands behind and uses her arms to pretend to be the first girl’s arms. They thought it was hilarious!

The super-high point of the day? My shoes arrived! I got my fixed Chacos back in the mail, so my orange flip flips, though they’ve served me well, can go into the suitcase!

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