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August 26th 2020
Published: August 26th 2020
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We're sitting in a quirky diner in Butte, eating breakfast and using our phones for wifi. We found good coffee in Deer Lodge, but the one restaurant gave us a bad feeling. We drove 20 minutes to Gold Creek, to find the restaurant there no longer in business. So then we headed back in the other direction and made it to Butte, where we could find an open breakfast restaurant.

On the way, I saw yet another electronic sign telling us how many traffic fatalities Montana has seen this year. I've been seeing these signs since we first entered the state from North Dakota. In the time we've been here, there have been an additional 15 traffic deaths.

Contrast that with the 17 additional COVID-1984 deaths* we've seen in the exact same time period.

The COVID-1984 deaths have people wearing masks wherever they go.

When, oh when, will Governor Bullock institute a mandatory helmet law to stop this pandemic of traffic deaths???

Inquiring minds want to know.

*This assumes, of course, that we can trust that figure. I, for one, do not. The testing for this alleged virus is a complete farce, the corporate-led media and social pressures to confirm (even for doctors, nurses, scientists, hospital administrators, and politicians) are immense, and there are multiple incentives for people to juke the stats and up the numbers. Your mileage may vary. All I know is that we saw happy unmasked, small-town Montana elementary schoolchildren playing happily at recess this morning and it warmed our weary hearts.


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