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July 2nd 2019
Published: July 20th 2019
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Warm Springs RanchWarm Springs RanchWarm Springs Ranch

Home of the breeding program and early trading for the Budweiser Clydesdales.
July 2

When we got up this morning I was worrying about changing the trailer tire. I realized in the middle of the night that we could just call road side assistance. Our issuance has it on the policy, technically were not along the road but I didn’t think just cause were parked that would matter, we are traveling. So I mentioned it to David, who did seem a little reluctant to get started on the task of changing the tire.

I called USAA roadside assistance they had me go to a web site to fill out the form and within just a few minutes said they would text me who was coming. Part of the difficulty was we needed to leave for our visitor tour at Warm Springs Ranch at noon so we didn’t have a lot of time as it was now 8:30 am. No text but within 10 minutes a supervisor called as they hadn’t assigned a service company yet due to the tire on trailer required heavy duty company. 5 minutes later I got a call, text that Carl’s towing would be coming and almost immediately Kevin from Carl’s towing called. Kevin said he called just to let us know Mike was coming. Mike arrived with 15-20 minutes and he and David got the spare out from under the back of the trailer. We closed the slide on the affected side and David adjusted the hydraulic stabilizer jack down which lifted the tire off the ground. Mike had the tire off and new one back on in short order. Then Mike helped by putting the bad tire back on the rack beneath the trailer. We gave Mike a big tip. David said he was really glad we called and that Mike came because the hard part was getting that tire on and off the rack underneath.

Back in the camper David cleaned up from soaking out his shirt with sweat and both of us were relieved of worry about the tire. We agreed we’d buy a new tire when we have some time near a bigger city. Right now we were in a hurry to get the dogs walked and returned to the trailer so we could head out to our tour.

We left at noon back west to Boonville Missouri. We had a tour schedule at the Warm Springs Ranch, home to the breeding program of the Budweiser Clydesdales. The whole reason we came through Missouri to get to Iowa was this Ranch. We arrived early and found ourselves waiting by the gate for 20 minutes but then we were allowed to come in and take pictures of the pasture where the mares and foals were hanging out as well as the picturesque view of the barns. Before long we were advised to park near the barns for our tour. It was so hot, 100+ and the humidity was high but I was determined to sweat it out to see the horses. Sweat we did as none of the barn area was air conditioned but at least we were in the shade with about 30-40 other people, many of which were kids. We got to see the stallions, a few geldings, that are used for training the young ones and several mares with new foals. We got to take lots of pictures and were able to pet one gelding, briefly. They did offer us free beer after the tour but I’m not a beer drinker and David wasn’t up to having any either. Those horses are so very beautiful and I’m so glad they continue to be the symbol for Budweiser. Our tour guide was rather a grumpy guy. Always asking if anyone had questions but when someone did he either didn’t know the answer or was rather flippant with an answer. Maybe he was hot too but he needs to find a new job. While we didn’t care for the guide, seeing those beautiful animals was worth all the heat and bad roads and the grumpy guide!

We were gone about three hours which is about the limit of our dogs bladder holding capacity. As soon as we got home we got the dogs out and walked them. They were panting from the heat in no time and ready to go back to the trailer. We fed the dogs but I must say I was so tired from the heat all day I wasn’t real excited about cooking. David suggested finding barbecue so with the help of YELP we found a place close by, well 3 miles away. The place was called Como Smoke & Fire. It was in a little building by a gas station, strange place for a 4 & 1/2 star barbecue place we thought. However, we also thought it was convenient for us as we’d fill up as we are heading to Iowa in the morning. Como Smoke & Fire was a little bar too. Not too many people at 4:45 on a Tuesday but hey that’s good too. Our waitress took our order, David got a rack of ribs and I always go for brisket. David got a side of onion rings, I got beans. Everything was simply outstanding. That was by far the best food so far on this whole trip. I can’t remember when I haven’t used sauce on brisket but it was so tasty there was just no need. The beans were a mixture of black, red, and white beans cooked like baked beans but spicy and they were so, so good. The fries were fresh cut, not that frozen stuff. The ribs, St Louis style, were so meaty David took home almost a 1/2 of his rack. They were moist and so flavorful. Wow, such a surprise! If your ever in Columbia Missouri you’ve got to go to Como Smoke & Fire!!!

As we waddled out of the restaurant so full we could hardly move but carrying leftovers for tomorrow we remember to get gas. I felt like I needed a crane to lift me in the truck. We got both tanks filled with diesel and set off to the local grocery store. Just bought a few things at the HyVee and then returned home to our lonely pups who were ready for another walk. David walked the dogs while I got groceries put away and straighten up a little. We watched a little TV. Our satellite doesn’t seem to be working and we have not really explored why. We’ve started watching 1 of 9 of the Jessie Stone movies so didn’t really care. We headed to bed about 10 after a short walk to help with all that barbecue. LOL


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