Published: June 11th 2007
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We pretty much took 1-35 for 450+ miles up to IKEA!

Vintage Meets IKEA Dining RoomVintage Meets IKEA Dining RoomVintage Meets IKEA Dining Room

Most everything in this room is vintage, but we got a couple IKEA pieces to round it out. At IKEA, we got the Flokati rug and the two white lamps on the credenza.

Betsy K.
Our mission: to finish our home decorating.

Our test: to see if my long-term illness could withstand a mini-roadtrip, to make sure that I'd be ready for Paraguay.

We managed fairly well on both counts when we drove the 500 miles each way to IKEA Minneapolis (at a 7 hour drive each way, the closest IKEA to Lawrence, KS). Yes, I did jokingly sing a reinterpreted version of the "500 Miles" song (by The Proclaimers) with lyrics about Sweden and particleboard. Good times, good times. We also played the License Plate Game both ways, as we went straight up I-35 through Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota. We got only 23 states this time.

Really, there's not a lot to tell about this short trip, dear reader. We drove 7.5 hours, went to IKEA for 3 hours, slept, went back to IKEA for 3.5 more hours, and then drove 7.5 hours home. But, we got some really cool stuff for our house (see a couple pictures), and we got to see this excellent sign for Terrible's Casino.

I got pretty darn sick on Tuesday, on the way back, but luckily, I still have a few weeks before
Gourmet Dining!Gourmet Dining!Gourmet Dining!

IKEA hot dogs...50 cents. We had a couple of these when we realized we'd been shopping for hours and were starving. Now, if only they would have let us nap in one of their show bedrooms, we'd never have to leave!
I head to South America. I'm taking tons of vitamins and resting as much as I can--reading and doing schoolwork. Hopefully, I am getting stronger as the days pass.

Next up--I go to my Fulbright Orientation in Pittsburg. Stay tuned!

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Terrible's CasinoTerrible's Casino
Terrible's Casino

This Terrible's Casino sign was next to I-35 in Iowa. It must have been at least 100 feet tall!

23rd June 2007

Wow Ms. Koski- you've already done a lot so far this summer; I haven't. I do hope you get to feeling better before your trip. And I hope you have fun!
23rd June 2007

I love Ikea
They have a store in Chicago. Emily, my middle child, and I spent the whole day there last summer. The food is even good. Glad you found some great furniture! Get Well before your trip!!!!
23rd June 2007

Who knew that a 15 hour excursion to a Swedish particle board distribution center/food imporium would be the test case to prove your sea-worthiness for a Paraguayan Odyssey. A fine start to the on the road blog, in a sort of Charles Kuralt way. D
23rd June 2007

Nice rug! Wish we had an IKEA here.
23rd June 2007

Oh, jee, Ms Koski!
I like your house a lot! It's really vintagely cool. [sorry for the bad grammer >_
25th June 2007

have fun
I bet its really pretty there. i like your house alote also. kinda looks like my sisters house. she loves vintage things also. she makes alot of her things
25th June 2007

That is pretty funny--testing your stamina with a trip to IKEA.
3rd July 2007

OMG Ms. Koski you leave in 2 days!!!! you must be excited!! i would be trust me!!!! LOL you will have to put stories of what you are doing on here so we can check up on you... well i hope you have a great 22 hours worth of flights... i have found that it helps to have a puzzle book with you... it helps.. we had a 4 hour flight and i spent like half of it doing a puzzle book.. WOW i must look stupid.. well have a great SAFE time and i hope you have the time of your life

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