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September 4th 2010
Published: September 4th 2010
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Niles and Cemeteries 01Niles and Cemeteries 01Niles and Cemeteries 01

Leaving Chacago for Niles
Hello from Niles, Michigan, the home of John's Famous Uncle Tom (actually 1st cousin once removed) and Doris. We travelled here after leaving our posh digs in Chicago on the 16th floor of the Kimpton Palomar Hotel which, by the way, had one of the best whirlpool tubs in the world! A brrrrrrisk walk through Chicago along fashionista Michigan Avenue where one cannot help but feel like a ragamuffin while learning why they call it "The Windy City." Down to the river we go, winding our way (read that lost) and marveling at the architecture. We found ourselves at the Wrigley Building where I almost gave myself whiplash by staring up...fabulous! Everywhere we go, folks are talking about the weird weather: an extremely hot and dry summer followed by this hurricane-like cold and blasts of wind. However, most are welcoming the break from the heat.
We headed out from Chicago into Indiana via every toll road booth in the state. We figure it cost us 90 cents a mile to get into Michigan.
John's Uncle Tom and Aunt Doris welcomed us with open arms and gave us their downstairs apartment for our stay--how do we get so lucky? We were privileged
Niles and Cemeteries 02Niles and Cemeteries 02Niles and Cemeteries 02

On the road to Niles
to spend Saturday evening with their circle of friends having dinner at the Elks Hall followed by learning a new card game at which I was, as always, hopeless. Today, Saturday, we have spent tracking down headstones in cemeteries and out at the Kennedy farm property at Lake Barron. We had a lovely surprise there, as John's cousins were spending the week-end: so an unexpected, but brief, family reunion.
Now we are back at our basement apartment and bar---did I mention they built a bar into the basement? With Tom and Doris in front of the TV cheering on Notre Dame against Purdue and making plans to have John barbecue sausages and corn for dinner. It feels just like home here, only different. Sorry, no pictures today--John has gone totally on holiday and erased them all. So, what is our plan for tomorrow? Go back and re-take the pictures!
The Good Cat News about Lolly: she is now trapped safely in the house and was pretty glad to see our friendly and helpful neighbor, Alan. A little time alone is going to make her really happy to see us, don’t you think?

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Niles and Cemeteries 03Niles and Cemeteries 03
Niles and Cemeteries 03

Some more of those wonderful clouds.
Niles and Cemeteries 04Niles and Cemeteries 04
Niles and Cemeteries 04

Back road in to Niles
Niles and Cemeteries 05Niles and Cemeteries 05
Niles and Cemeteries 05

The original farm smoke house
Niles and Cemeteries 06Niles and Cemeteries 06
Niles and Cemeteries 06

Tom at the Hyaena's Port cabana
Niles and Cemeteries 07Niles and Cemeteries 07
Niles and Cemeteries 07

Max and cousin Mary at the blustery lakeshore
Niles and Cemeteries 08Niles and Cemeteries 08
Niles and Cemeteries 08

Doris trying to stay warm
Niles and Cemeteries 09Niles and Cemeteries 09
Niles and Cemeteries 09

John & Tom at Barron Lake
Niles and Cemeteries 10Niles and Cemeteries 10
Niles and Cemeteries 10

Gate to Bertrand Cemetery
Niles and Cemeteries 11Niles and Cemeteries 11
Niles and Cemeteries 11

The Bertrand Cemetery history
Niles and Cemeteries 12Niles and Cemeteries 12
Niles and Cemeteries 12

Beautifully overgrown Bertrand Cemetery
Niles and Cemeteries 13Niles and Cemeteries 13
Niles and Cemeteries 13

Daniel Raridon's grave stone
Niles and Cemeteries 14Niles and Cemeteries 14
Niles and Cemeteries 14

All of Daniel's grave stone
Niles and Cemeteries 15Niles and Cemeteries 15
Niles and Cemeteries 15

Daniel's daughter's grave stone
Niles and Cemeteries 16Niles and Cemeteries 16
Niles and Cemeteries 16

Anna Egan Kennedy grave stone
Niles and Cemeteries 17Niles and Cemeteries 17
Niles and Cemeteries 17

John Kennedy grave stone
Niles and Cemeteries 18Niles and Cemeteries 18
Niles and Cemeteries 18

Tom & Doris @ their headstone...creepy!

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