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December 28th 2011
Published: December 28th 2011
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It was two nights before Christmas and I needed to find a way back to Washington DC. I had exhausted my tolerance for the Greyhound and 5AM transfers in Penn Station. Amtrak is just not cheap enough these days. I had learned over the years Craigslist can provide me with most necessities; a new bureau, a room mate, a new friend, a job.

Why not travel?

I had always dreamed of hitchhiking. I dreamed of a world where I could stick my thumb out and a good person would lean their elbow out the window and tell me to get in. They would be adventurous, we would stop at roadside stops. They would be looking for some good conversation and we would discuss a wide variety of topics. I would share the pretzels I brought; they would share the flask of whisky hidden in the glove compartment.


29th December 2011

Hitch Hiking
I used to do a lot of it, between the ages of 17 and 24. A lot of the people were like the ones you describe in this blog. Pity they all werent. Dont do it alone! :)

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