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June 16th 2010
Published: June 16th 2010
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So...we had quite a tragic accident the other day and now have lost treasure below the dam at Spencer Lake, ME. Our camera. Yes. We got careless and somehow it slipped out without us noticing. We even swam around in the freezing cold water in hopes that it might have floated, nope.

Anyways, had i have written a few days ago this email might come out a little more depressing, but we have had our mourning and have moved on!

After Rangeley we started portaging to the main branch of the Dead River, and again were offered a ride. Took it of course and camped right by the river that night. Next morning we got up and got in to the river. The first part was great and was plenty deep but started getting shallow as we progressed. Finally we decided to get out on the road and portage into the next town where we put into a lake. There were some rapids down stream we weren"t sure about running and were no where near a road. A lady pulled over and gave us a ride and took us to the town to get ice cream. (Giffords of course) We got a quart because its cheaper than getting scoops and they don't have pints. We ate the whole thing. Bad idea. Half way across Flagstaff lake we had a sugar crash. We got to a great campsite on an island, and had a nice sunset.

Next day we finished Flagstaff Lake had a really overgrown portage over a dam and some falls and then put into the other end of the Dead river. Well we put in above some rapids that we decided to walk down because there were too many big rocks and it was a little bony. Well half way down the rapids we see that the road actually went down to the end of the rapids. Would have saved a good hour and being soaked if we would have paid attention. Anyways we finished the dead river and got on the portage around Grand falls which was super buggy and much longer than we thought! Wish we had that picture of Grand Falls, but i'll show you the picture on our book or something...it was beautiful!! Made camp at the confluence of the dead river and Spencer Stream (our last upstream!!!!!)

Spencer Stream didn't look to bad at the confluence, buuut it took us all day. After a little ways most of the day was spent pulling the boat up shallow sections and small rapids. On our map it showed logging roads right by the river, but we could not find them anywhere!!! Definitely worked our leg muscles that day! When we finally got to the end we had a portage over the dam...pretty much steep rock cliffs as there isn't a formal portage established yet...at least that we know of. Brian got out to scout and i think thats when we lost the camera because the bail bucket was floating. Not sure how they got out. Neither of us remember a splash or anything. Anyways we got our stuff over on one side and then hauled the boat on the other side through a small ravine and up and over the rock and then had to get in and push it over the logs blocking the dam. It was pretty nuts! Anyways half way across the Spencer lake i told Brian to take a picture and that's when we realized we lost it. We went back to search, but found nothing. I can't believe i swam in that water it was freezing and the bugs decided that was a good time to eat my face. We got out and made camp quick as it was almost dark and got out of our wet clothes.

The next day was quite depressing, but we got up and got out of there. There was a campground a few miles up that we went to as it started to get windy on the lake. We didn't feel much like paddling that day anyways. Turned out to be a good time. There was a group of seven guys that have been going to this campspot for 20 years. They let us pitch the tent and gave us all sorts of stuff like klondike bars and homemade brownies! yum! They even let Brian cook breakfast for them the next day! We were supposed to leave but the wind was just too strong. So we ended up having a windbound day, which was actually really nice. First day we just did absolutely nothing! OH! and i finally finished Moby Dick! I can't believe it took me so long...ok i can that book is huge and has some slow moving parts! But it's a good book! Very interesting! Anyways it was nice and we had a great time hanging out. They also took some picture of us and are going to email them to us!

Got up early to a calm day and paddled the Moose river to Attean pond and Big Wood Pond and are now in Jackman, ME.

Doing some resupplying and showering! Loving Maine, no people and lots of remote wilderness and wildlife! We're thinking we'll be done with the trip sooner than we thought as we have to push through some parts due to lack of places to buy food. But after we sell the boat we might rent a car and see the coast. We'll see!

Gotta go cuz the library is closing! Anyways hope you are all doing well! We miss you and hope to catch up in person soon!

I'll try to update again soon, but there's not many places!

Ahab and Starbuck


17th June 2010

That's such a bummer! I'll see whaT I can do about getting you another camera, but as everyone say's, it's not the camera it's the pictures. Be careful letting Brian eat too much icecream, I worry more for you than him ;) love you guys!!!
17th June 2010

Spencer Stream
I've been reading you're blog as you've gone along, and enjoyed it immensely. But I had to comment on your ascent of Spencer Stream: Way to go! Many through paddlers have gotten rides around it, but you toughed it out. I'm impressed. I am a section-paddler, and did the portion of Spencer Stream in 2008; I had a better time of it, I think, since I was solo-paddling my canoe and was able to pole up most of the way to the pond without getting out of the boat. Good call to get a ride around the rest of the South Branch Dead...I did that one at practically ideal water levels, and could see the lower rapids would be a real bear in lower water. Good luck the rest of the way! -Chuck
20th June 2010

Well, it happens
I'm glad that you kids are OK. We don't like to lose things like that but we can always be thankful when that's all that we lose. Sounds like you're both a little tired. Maybe a nice car ride to the coast would be the ticket. I've been to the coast at Maine and it's beautiful! Lots of fresh lobster, too! Hope all goes well. Keep in touch as you can. Love you both, Carla
21st June 2010

where are you?
We're guessing you are finishing up your adventure. If you back track and find yourselves in NY state let us know. The IronMan triathlon is here in Lake Placid on July 25. You might want to hang out until them. We have 46 major mountains to climb. There's actually a 46er club.Keep in touch. Love and prayers, Uncle Bob and Vivian
25th June 2010

Oh hey, hope you fellers are continuing to have a good time. If the country is as nice looking as the previous pictures, then you should be. _luke p.s. thank you for the anivers card.

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