Week 3 Continued

Published: July 5th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Thurs - 24th June

Usual coaching in the morning. In the afternoon me and my family went to the Salato wildlife centre, where they have lots of animals etc. Then we went to Elf Creek Vineyard and we got to see where the grapes are grown, how wine is made, where its kept and even did a tasting session! Went back to the fields where camp is and me and Pedro played a soccer game against loadsa american and mexican lads that his host family dad had arranged, it was fun!

Fri - 25th June

Did the usual coaching in the morning and did the closing ceremony with everyone else. My family were leaving for the weekend so I said my goodbyes to them and exchanged pressies! (She had bought me my fave bottle of wine from the vineyard along with other things!) I then went back to camp for the afternoon and just joined in there. Then I went to Coach Tom's house, who had a swimming pool so we went in that and then played soccer with the two lads in the family. We then went with Rikki to Lexington, (nearby city) for a night out, we stayed in a hotel and then went out. It was like the movie the Hangover because we woke up and couldn't remember what had happened so we had to use the photos we had taken to work it out!

Saturday - 26th June

We drove back to Cincinnati later in the day and that night we had another big night out, as all the coaches were back to the base hotel, so it was the first time I met some of the returners and also the first time I'd seen many of them since the training weekend, so we went out in Cinci and that was a great night!


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