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October 13th 2009
Published: October 14th 2009
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One year ago Trang and her husband Huan came to the United States to have their wedding blessed in the Holy Nativity Church in Kinsley Kansas. Kinsley and the Kinsley Rotary Club were home to Trang when she was a Rotary Exchange Student. Trang was the first Exchange Student since the new government in Vietnam. I believe a few followed her but Rotary International now says Exchange Students must come from "Rotary Countries," so that has ended a great program to help poor kids of poor countries.

Trang was an orphan, she lost her Father when she was eight years old. She has a Mother, but in Vietnam, if you don't have a Dad, you are an orphan. This is a good concept because most women of her Mother's generation are not trained to make a living, just take care of a house.

I have told the story of Trang in other blogs so I won't repeat it here. Being an Exchange student was a life changing event for Trang so it is no wonder she wanted to come to Kinsley Kansas and share her wedding with her friends. She was married in the summer of 08 in a civil ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. To her, the marriage blessing offered by the Holy Nativity Church in Kinsley offered her a chance to make her marriage right with God.

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Trang and Huan at the AltarTrang and Huan at the Altar
Trang and Huan at the Altar

There Wedding Blessing in the Holy Nativity Church in Kinsley KS. To the left is Uncle Ray Gaskill and to the right Daddy Kent Converse
Anita Graves from LarnedAnita Graves from Larned
Anita Graves from Larned

Mrs. AndersonMrs. Anderson
Mrs. Anderson

Her math teacher at Kinsley H.S.
The main playersThe main players
The main players

PDG Ray Gaskill, Huan, Trang, Father Graner, PDG Kent Converse
Important people to TrangImportant people to Trang
Important people to Trang

Uncle Bob Obee, Aunt Crystal (Dr.) Obee
With Marty' Gleason FamilyWith Marty' Gleason Family
With Marty' Gleason Family

Jennifer always understood Trang and could cook egg rolls with the best Vietnamese cook.
Huan serving cookiesHuan serving cookies
Huan serving cookies

Uncle Ray: I'll take one.

14th October 2009

I'm glad for Trang!!
I'm glad that Trang got married at Kansas. This shows she worries about you and that's something you shoukd be really proud of. Your experiences with Trang will remain in your mind for a long time and I know she feels the same. Let me know how your life is going Love, Edgar P.S. I read your mail. I'll try to write by Hotmailn as soon as possible!
15th October 2009

I love this story Trang looks so beautiful and are a super great human. Good to have you back blogging again Kent especially as I can picture where you are right now. Much Love X

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