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February 26th 2013
Published: February 27th 2013
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1. In the passage day of the dead history, I read that when Spanish conquistadors landed in what is now Mexico they encountered native practicing a ritual that seems to mock dead. I learned that the Spaniards tried to stop their rituals and they created their own day to celebrate ‘day of all souls and that it was even in the Aztec calendar. Finally many different races, religions, and cultures would celebrate the day of the dead and some just liked the idea to honor the dead.

2. When I read this I was surprised by how the day of the dead came to be. I read things that I did not even know about how we celebrate the day of the dead and I even celebrate this day.

3. This article connects to class because we are learning about how the Spanish were traveling/spreading, taking over land, and their difficulties.


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