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September 23rd 2012
Published: September 24th 2012
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1. Specific actions Hammurabi took to provide order of society and basic welfare was to destroy evil of any kind and make extreme and strict consequences for crimes.

2. Evidence for class distinction was a somewhat hiearchy between law enforcement, criminals and victims, citizens, slaves, and property.

3 Women were, in my opinion after reading the laws of Hammurabi, treated as less of a citizen. they were treated more like objects. they were expected to do so called "womenly duties" such as bear children and basically not allowed to be extremely independent if they wished to do so. The only way I can possibly see them enjoying their protection was towards the divorce laws and if she gets sickly then she will be taken care of.

4. The children were worst off than the women. They were treated like objects as well. They were expected to be obediant and have no sense of a personal opinion all of the time or suffer extreme consequences and they were basically servants to their parents.

5. The evidence in this collection of text highly supports the statement that males dominated the Mesopotamian civilization. These laws were based off of a man's preference, because it is, in fact, written by a man.

6. This collection reveals that the people of Babylon had their values revolve around men, bearing children, and "equal" consequences.


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