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June 1st 2012
Published: June 1st 2012
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1) What I will always remember is prom night because it is one of the most beautiful things about not only senior year but all of high school. This was such an unforgettable night that will always be remember for the rest of my life.

2) The thing that I am proud of accomplishing throuhgout senior year is being accepted to my top 3 choices of college which were UIC, ISU & U of I. Ever since freshmen year, I dreamed about attending one of these schools and being accepted in all of them. Fortunately, my dream came true and I got accepted in all 3 of these amazing universities.

3) Carlos, my partner, has always been there to help me out whenever I didn't understand a topic. Not only did we help one another, but we also tried to make World History class a lot more fun as well.

4) The most challenging part of this year wa adapting to the new technology. We used so muchtechnology this year. First of all, the iPads were something nemotor almost everyone, i had to adapt from doing hw on paper to doing hw on a device.

6) If I could change one thing about this year, it would be the way I started off my senior year. I started off slacking and being lazy at the beggining. As a result, I ended up suffering doing work last minute. If I could, I would go back and start off a lot more stronger than I actually did.

9) One thing that was very difficult for me at the beginning of the year was using the iPads. At first, I was not great with all of this technology. However, after a few weeks and months passed by, I felt more accustomed to the new technology. Now, I'm almost a technology expert.


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