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January 17th 2012
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11- This year I was thankful for my family and friends. Especially for my friends for always being there for me anything I need they always help out. I know most friends always come out fake but mine are real. I feel really granted to have such caring friends. And some of my friends they aren't always there but they help out when I asked them. I am just thankful for the fact that they guide me through life.
12-1. Shoe gazing is when somebody takes a picture of his/her feet instead of something infront of them or above them. 2. I have participated in shoe gazing. During the summer I had to wear many type of shoes. I wore sandals, gym shoes, and heels. There are always different types of shoes for different occasions. 3. I believe if people exaggerate about shows its crazy. Because there are people out there who don't have shows.I do think there are certain attributes that are concidered to be "the beautiful norm". I also think that people always have natural norms for themselves or actually end up showing it to the whole world. 4. I believe I am different from anybody in this world because I am unique. I don't try to be like others I just believe in doing me and living my life. I don't collect shoes but I know what type of shoes I like. 13-hero in 2011 I would consider Richard St.Denis as the most heroic of these 10 heroes because it takes a lot of effort to be able to collect wheel chairs when your in one. In Mexico, there is a lot of help and money needed. Many people in Mexico live in farms and ranches. The roads and streets aren't very easy to get around through they're mostly bumpy. With wheelchairs being given these people with disabilities many people would be able to leave their homes and do their normal routines as when they were able to walk. If I had the chance to nominate someone for hero of 2011, I would choose my grandpa and my best friend. They both left my world in June & August. They were big role models for me. It hurts me to know that they're gone. But I know they left big pieces of them and they lived one wonderful life. They all made an impact onmy family and friends. Yes we do study heroes in our class because we learn about them and how they helped their country. I think learning about heroes in history is great because we can set motivations for ourselves and be similar to them. 14- Picture 42: the picture of the gay soldiers . I think this is a powerful image because it shows a lot and that they are brave and don't care what people say about them. Most people won't like this picture but it's okay because they are not the one that have to worry about war. Picture 7: The image of police officers that sprayed pepper spray into the face of a women at the Occupy Portland protest is rediculous and not neccessary. I don't think it was right for the lady to get hit by such forced of pepper spray. And I don't think it was right to do that to a lady. Picture 44 : the lady that is jumping off the window. She was left in the alter and the fiancé didn't want to marry her. I think this was a powerful image because it shows how love can hurt one person and leave them devastated wanting to die. Picture 20: The picture of a dog that layed next to a casket of a Navy SEAL at his funeral is very sad. This is sad because for a dog to feel like he has lost his everything is depressing. And then it's heartbreaking because it's a dog doing this not any children or another person. Picture 45: US Army soldier that gives and Afgan boy a high five hits a home run for me. This picture shows so much because it means peace and even though they are in war. It means alot that a soldier from America is doing this because it shows that even though we're in war with them they can still be peace. . 3. Images and photos show alot because it shows what's going on in that time. You can see the background what they are doing who are they with and the weather. And a picture always has a lot of meanings., RIHLA #15*Reflect on your first senior semester as a World History scholar by answering the following questions:1. What did you most enjoy about your studies thus far? (What most interested you?) Explain. What I mostly enjoyed about my studies was learning about religions. I like learning about religions because it shows me the different things that people believe in.2. What was most challenging for you and why? (This can be a particular topic or assignment, etc…) keeping track of my homework and getting stuff done.3. What do you want to learn more about in semester two? More about religions and different cultures all over the world. Also being able to see pictures of the world.4. What areas for improvement do you want to focus on personally in this class? What could you improve? My homework and getting a good grade on my projects and stuff.5. Any additional comments about semester one - nope. Just that I enjoyed it.


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