"In the navy, Yes, you can sail the seven seas"...

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April 29th 2007
Published: April 29th 2007
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Remember this song by the Village People?

"In the navy,
Yes, you can sail the seven seas
In the navy
Yes, you can put your mind at ease.....
In the navy, in the navy, in the navy"

Welcome to the Navy Pier!

We spent a beautiful afternoon walking around the Pier simply enjoying the sun and the breeze from Lake Michigan. First, we heard mass at St. Peter's in the "Loop" at Downtown Chicago. This Catholic church is close to my office. That's what I love about this city -- it's a walkable and a commuter-friendly city! So after the mass, we took a short bus ride to the Navy Pier.

As usual, there were lots of tourists and families travelling together at the Pier. It has numerous restaurants and rides like the Ferries Wheel. We ate lunch at Bubba Gump (my first time actually -- I never had the chance to eat at Bubba Gump in Manila!). Ambiance is great! The food is good. The crew asked me trivia questions about the movie Forrest Gump, but, you know me... I hardly remember things like that. Haha! Anyways, the Stuffed Shrimp is very tasty. I like it.
Sailing the Seven SeasSailing the Seven SeasSailing the Seven Seas

Notice the arrow signs

I started to compare Lake Michigan against Lake Ontario. I like Lake Michigan more because it's more bluish than green. From Lake Ontario's shores in Mississauga, I remember it looking green and dull. This is probably because Lake Michigan is very much larger, thus, its water isn't as stagnant as the other.

Michigan Avenue

As if walking around the Pier was not enough to make my day, my friend took me to Michigan Avenue where tourists go shopping. We took a free Blue Trolley that took us there.

While enjoying my walk down the strip, I noticed signs that say "Magnificent Mile". I did know what it meant till I went online. It was given such name because this one mile length of land survived the Great Chicago Fire in the 1870s. It still had the Water Tower Place and all the other landmarks I have yet to know about. Hehe! The Water Tower Place is an interesting building though. Too me, it looks like a castle.

Again, lots of people are walking the streets in light clothing, sunglasses, and shorts. I like the colorful tulips that line the streets plus the interesting bicycle artwork as seen in the pictures I took here.

Additional photos below
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Chicago Skyline at NoonChicago Skyline at Noon
Chicago Skyline at Noon

Downtown's skyscrapers and Michigan Lake
Blue TrolleysBlue Trolleys
Blue Trolleys

Free Ride to Michigan Ave... every tourist's shopping haven...
Michigan Ave, Not HollandMichigan Ave, Not Holland
Michigan Ave, Not Holland

Tulips abound!!! (Love the colors!!!)
Bicycle ArtBicycle Art
Bicycle Art

Chicago loves art

"5 bucks for pictures".... so I just stole a pic hehe

9th July 2007

Michigan & Detroit
I remember the first taxie ride I took in Detroit, from downtown to the airport. It was a hot July day, the taxie cab had on AC, the inside roof was bare rusty metal. I thought what a first impression of the motor city. Annie as always your blogs are great I enjoy reading, I found Detroit to be a dirty city and was happy to leave, but I found the state of Michigan, especially the northern areas to be so beautiful.
8th August 2007

Scenic Chicago
Nice set of photos... I just love the way the colours look, esp blues of lake + sky! you have an eye for a good picture. Interesting sights of Chicago, they seem to be very creative folk. Best of luck, keep the blogs coming! Ralph
11th August 2007

Thanks for always visiting my blog, Ralph! Travelblog.org crashed for days, as you said, and they lost my latest entry i.e. Moving to the Burbs... glad to find it cached in their server and they say they will recover it ASAP. Geeez! My face turned white when I realized one was missing! Too bad for the others, they have lost 11 or more!
13th August 2007

I'm glad to see your "lost" blogs are restored. This is valuable travel-journalism! Look forward to seeing your latest entries... there's a lot more to Chicago than I thought!

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