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July 9th 2006
Published: July 9th 2006
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Canada Day DrinksCanada Day DrinksCanada Day Drinks

Vodka and Popping Candy
So what’s been happening in Hawaii since I last updated. Well it was my birthday on the 27th June….So many people remembered lots of sarcasm here! Hey but I am not bitter I had a great day diving that day.

Went diving off Waikiki with two students and certified them which was cool did there whole course so was real nice and fun to teach here shame it’s only been a couple of students. The Waikiki waters were cold compared to Thailand but the vis and marine life were pretty good but not as I expected it to be in such a place but I guess the built up area of Waikiki and the pollution takes it toll.

Canada Day was upon us on the 1st July I am totally oblivious to what historical significance this had but it was fun. EH! We had a few drinks on the beach and celebrated with all the Canucks that are here. The next big holiday was 4th July and this I must say was something I was looking forward to but what I expected never really happened on this day, I really wanted to see what all the fuss was about but in the end where we are so far away from everything I never saw anything except the fireworks at Schofield Barracks which lasted all of 5 minutes by the time we made it there. It was also Brian’s birthday on this day so he being a Canuck was a much bigger deal than the 4th July anyway.

During the day on July 4th I took Brian, Kyra and Brenda who are all working on Camp Erdman to 3 Tables for a try dive which was pretty cool I must admit doing all the work from shore was hard work and not having a boat to rely on was a hassle as you have to lug everything around with you no sitting under or near the boat for support. It was a real nice time and Brian was loving the underwater world, Chris fresh off his course helped me out setting up kits and generally gave me a big hand in keeping everyone near me.

I have taken a couple trips around the east side of the island and as far along the North Shore as possible taking in Chinaman’s hat, Lion Mountain (I think) and also the area along this coast was used for Jurassic Park and Godzilla its is a pretty amazing place for the scenery. The beaches are all gorgeous and I have been working hard on the tan.

Mostly this week I have been skiving off as the shop has been really quiet and as I expected I cannot stay here on money which is not regular so I bit the bullet and decided to book my flight home earlier than expected so for all those that actually read my blogs I will be back in Pompey 25th July see you all then.

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Giant Turtles Giant Turtles
Giant Turtles

These guys laze on the beach near Waimea
Giant Turtles Giant Turtles
Giant Turtles

These guys laze on the beach near Waimea
East ShoreEast Shore
East Shore

Gill,Kristi and Katie

9th July 2006

He Returns Once More
Happy B'day for the 27/6! So your coming home again eh? It will be good to see you! Dont be too brown! Speak to you online be you come home anyway. Later Dude
10th July 2006

Not a big deal?????
Maybe not to you brits but that's the day we said we are going to pronounce Aluminium any way we want. Take your red-coat off next time and enjoy the holiday. Hey B, living in Phuket now and loving it. Gotta come check it out when you are back in your new 'motherland'.
10th July 2006

What the hells the matter with you 4th of July
I cant believe those idiots in Hawaii did not show you a proper independence day party. I am ashamed you did not get to experience the great joy of throwing your tea in the ocean and fucking up your ignorant language. So i had a great time doing for you. Jon and I are looking to find a house here in Phuket so in the mean time he is staying in my house and we are sharing a bed. Its nice.... I hope you make it back this way soon we would have a great time here together. I think you would really like it here in Phuket, its a drastic change from Pattaya. It would be good to see you agian, hope your well and living the dream/ Justin
10th July 2006

fancy some solent diving?!
HI Bruce- Happy belated Birthday! If you fancy some solent murky diving when you are back -give me a shout! (contact via email or call into shop and they'll give you my mob number) Better get a drysuit ready for you (its wet suit weather for us here -a balmy water temp of 17 degrees at 25m -with viz of at least 4m!!) Hope to catch up with you. Nadia x

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