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May 28th 2006
Published: May 29th 2006
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The Pink Lady.The Pink Lady.The Pink Lady.

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki.
Visitors to Hawaii may be comforted to know that English is spoken and understood by almost everyone, so ordering things, asking for directions or reading signs should be no problem as opposed to travelling to places where a foreign language is mainly spoken.

The Hawaiian language 100 years ago, was spoken widely mostly by native Hawaiians, but after the overthrow of the Monarchy in the 1890's, teachers would punish students for speaking Hawaiian, even in a Hawaiian only private school. Hence the language almost languished except in Hawaiian music and in Street names or geographic locations. In the 1980's though, there was a resurgence to try and revive the Hawaiian language so immersion schools and schools and college started to encourage learning of Hawaiian again.

As many tourists may want to drive themselves around or catch buses on their own, the fact that many Street and locations have Hawaiian names may pose a slight difficulty, one would not experience in any other state.

Many of the main Highways or Boulevard may be named after former Hawaiian Royalties. Kamehameha Hwy. which circles most of the island is named after Kamehameha I, who united the Hawaiian Islands under one rule,
Windward Coast.Windward Coast.Windward Coast.

View of Eastern Oahu Coast from Pali Lookout.
lived when the first Westerners discovered the Islands. Kalanianaole Hwy. which runs through most of Eastern Honolulu and part of Windward Oahu is named after Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole. Before it was common to refer it to as Kam Hwy and Kal Hwy. but no more. You may get chided or a dirty look if you don't refer to it by it's full name. Kapiolani Blvd. which runs a long length east to west of the city is named for Queen Kapiolani wife of King Kalakaua. Kalakaua Ave. which is the main thoroughfare though Waikiki was named for King Kalakaua. Liliuokalani Ave. in Waikiki named for Queen Liliuokalani, the last of the Hawaiian Monarchy. Kaiulani Ave. also in Waikiki named for Princess Kaiulani, who died at a young age. Lunalilo Fwy. which runs though much of the length of Honolulu named after King Lunalilo.'Piikoi and Kinau Sts. for Princes and Princesses.

Other main thorouhfares have geographic meanings such as Kai and Moana meaning Ocean or sea, Ala meaning Way or Road, Wai meaning Water, Mauna=Mountain, Pali=Cliff, Uka=Uplands. Hence you have Ala Wai Blvd. in Waikiki running along the Ala Wai Canal. Ala Moana Blvd. runs along the Ocean from
Bishop Museum.Bishop Museum.Bishop Museum.

Museum, located in Kalihi, older section in West Honolulu.
Waikiki to Downtown. Maunalani Hts. is a Subdivision in East Honolulu. Waipahu (Water Drum) is a city in West Oahu.

When speaking of directions especially in Honolulu, Mauka means towards the mountains (North), Makai=towards the ocean (South), Ewa=a town in West Oahu (west) and Diamond Head or East. If already east of Diamond Head, than they'll say Koko Head which is about 5 miles east of DH.

Common everyday words which locals may often mix with English are Mahalo=thank-you, Kane=male, Wahine=female, Malama Pono=take care, Nani=pretty, Pilau=dirty, Pupule=crazy, Malihini=tourist, newcomer, Kamaaina=local, Pau=finish, done, Auwe=alas, Kaukau=Food, or to eat, Luau=Hawaiian Feast, not to be confused with Lua=restroom. Ahui Ho=Good-bye, Aloha=Hello, Goodbye, love, Menehune=leprachuan, little people, Mele=song, Maikai=good, Pono=righteous, Aina=land, Keiki=children, Kupuna=grandparents, Pilikia=trouble (No pilikia=no problem), Huhu=angry, Tutu=grandma, Pupu=H'ordevous, Kolohe=naughty, rascal, Maka=eye, Ka=the (singular) Na=the (plural).

Popular Hawaiian names. Female-Lani=Heavenly, Pua=flower, Nani=beautiful, Loke=Rose, Lokelani=Heavenly Rose, Leilani=heavenly flower garland, Hoku=star, Puanani=pretty flower, Noe=mist, Noelani=heavenly mist, Ipo=sweetheart, Kuuipo=my sweetheart.

Male names. Ikaika=brave, Kimo=Jim, Keoni=John, Kawika=David, Pono=righteous, Manu=bird.

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Pali Battle Scene by Herb Kane.Pali Battle Scene by Herb Kane.
Pali Battle Scene by Herb Kane.

Reproduction of Painting at Pali Lookout depicting King Kamehameha's Army doing battle to unite the Hawaiian Islands.
Banyan Tree Roots.Banyan Tree Roots.
Banyan Tree Roots.

Closeup of Banyan Tree, noted for their hugh size and multiple roots.
Happy Boy.Happy Boy.
Happy Boy.

Children ending a field trip at the Museum.
Store in Kalihi-Palama Area.Store in Kalihi-Palama Area.
Store in Kalihi-Palama Area.

Store in older part of Honolulu.
Ilima Flowers.Ilima Flowers.
Ilima Flowers.

Native Hawaiian Flora.
Stature of Jose Rizal.Stature of Jose Rizal.
Stature of Jose Rizal.

Hero of Philippines, died a Martyr for his love of his people.
Tamashiro Market.Tamashiro Market.
Tamashiro Market.

Hmmmm, wonder what they sell there?
Waikiki and Diamond Head.Waikiki and Diamond Head.
Waikiki and Diamond Head.

View from Alewa Hts. in Western Honolulu.
Hillside Homes.Hillside Homes.
Hillside Homes.

West Honolulu.
Vine Covered Tree Trunks.Vine Covered Tree Trunks.
Vine Covered Tree Trunks.

Tropical scene in Nuuanu Valley.
Kaumakapili Church.Kaumakapili Church.
Kaumakapili Church.

One of the older Churches in Honolulu.
Bouganvilla on River Banks.Bouganvilla on River Banks.
Bouganvilla on River Banks.

Flowers near River in Chinatown.
Old and New Downtown.Old and New Downtown.
Old and New Downtown.

View of Bldg. of old Chinatown, with newer type bldgs. in background.
Statute of Queen Liliuokalani.Statute of Queen Liliuokalani.
Statute of Queen Liliuokalani.

Last of reigning Monarchy overthrown in 1890's by Americans. Wrote many beautiful Hawaiian songs, such as Aloha Oe, Sanoe, Ipo Lei Manu and Queen's Jubilee of visit with Queen Victoria in England.
Hispanic Church.Hispanic Church.
Hispanic Church.

Su Gran Albanza Church. Former Palama and Zamboanga Theatres feature Filipino Movies, now converted to Hispanic Church.
View of Kaneohe.View of Kaneohe.
View of Kaneohe.

Another view from the Pali Lookout.
Zen Dojo.Zen Dojo.
Zen Dojo.

Zen Dojo deep in Kalihi Valley.

5th June 2006

Hawaiian Names.
Oops, I goof. Said "Ikaika" meant brave. Actually, it means Strong, Energetic or Determined. More on Names: Likelike Hwy. (pronounced Li-ke Li-ke)is a Hwy. running from Honoulu to Kaneohe via Wilson Tunnel, and named after a Princess. "Liholiho" St. and School name for Hawaiian Kings, who also took names of Kamehameha II and IV. "Kaahumanu" St. and School was one of Kamehameha I's wives and very influential. Accepted and encouraged Christianity. "Kawananakoa" St. and School named after a Prince. More on Male and Female Names: Male-Alika=Alex, Palenapa=Barnabas, Koki=George, Pekelo=Peter, Lopaka=Robert, Pilipo=Philip, Kamekona=Samson, Kamuela=Samuel and Wiliama=William. Female-Kiana=Diana, Iwa=Eva, Meleana=Maryann, Momi=Pearl, Loke=Rose, Waiola=Viola, Wilikinia=Virginia, Lehua=name of a native flower.
13th June 2006

Hawaiian Names.
Oh, caught another error. For "George", it should be "Keoki" instead of Koki. Hand and eye coordinating getting worse with age. Auwe.
19th April 2008

hanakahi violet
should be queen victoria and lilioukalani and my family choose me queen wahinee kea nui nui okalani i am the daughter.
15th May 2008

Hawaiian saying
Ahui ho is not the correct spelling. It should be "a hui hou". "'A'ole pilikia" means no problem in modern language.
16th May 2008

Queen violet hanakahi daughter is still living she is the real holy grail
22nd May 2008

22nd May 2008

Hawaiian St. Names and Words.
Hi Tina and Roselani. Out of curiosity, how did you locate this blog, (Hawaiian St. Names and Words)? Reason for my asking is this blog, receives the most readership it seems, by my statistics. I'm so glad people are reading it, even if, I'm needed to be corrected. However, I'm just curious on what I'm doing right, in having this blog discovered. Mahalo.
4th June 2008

Royal victoria
Queen kea nui nui my aunty is kawanakoa and my mom is the real queen victoria. My highness is god jesus 1 word of life. Pastor supulveda.my heart is jesus n m royalty. The king is with me and my childrens.my seed is revlation 12. Read it 5673 the angel of the lord is here. Victoria elizbeth.
4th June 2008

Royal victoria
Queen kea nui nui my aunty is kawanakoa and my mom is the real queen victoria. My highness is god jesus 1 word of life. Pastor supulveda.my heart is jesus n m royalty. The king is with me and my childrens.my seed is revlation 12. Read it 5673 the angel of the lord is here. Victoria elizabeth.hanakahi kewalo hannah cathrine uha gilman. I am the granddauhter of daniel hanakahi. And the great grandaughter. Of the gait keeper. I am tina w. Botelho i am also a jew my father german puertorican.raymond matildo
19th June 2008

Hanakahi street is in ewa beach.
Owned by my family.
19th June 2008

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