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December 16th 2006
Published: January 8th 2007
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I accidentally deleted two of my blogs on FDR and Jimmy Carter so I will have to reenter.

Warm Springs Georgia was the vacation home and treatment center for FDR when he was President.

The warm water felt good and FDR could move his legs a little swimming. There are many photos and videos in the museum that show FDR swimming with kids. He never claimed the warm waters could cure polio it just made him feel better.

He also liked to drive his cars down here and he could talk to the people and see how they were enduring the great depression.

The museum is full of artifacts of these times including FDR’s swimming suit. Of interest is a family tree showing that FDR was a second cousin to TR or Theodore Roosevelt. Also, it shows that FDR was a very distant relative of his wife.

An intriguing timeline is also shown. It starts at FDR’s birth but does not end with his death. Instead, it ends when Salk invented the polio vaccine. I am going to write the museum and tell them the timeline should go to 2007 or 08 to reflect when Rotary International campaign to eradiate polio in the world is completed.

In 1985, there were still over half a million people dying of polio in the world. Rotary International declared a campaign to vaccinate everyone in the world and now only a few hundred die of polio every year. Soon, it will be zero.

Another item of interest is that on the death of FDR, every State in the Union sent a stone to represent their State and now they are shown in the Avenue of Flags.

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Timeline for FDRTimeline for FDR
Timeline for FDR

Timeline began at FDR birth but did not end at his death. Ended at the time Salk invented the polio vaccine.
Stone from KansasStone from Kansas
Stone from Kansas

Each State was asked to send a stone representing their State.
Avenue of FlagsAvenue of Flags
Avenue of Flags

Every State in the Union represented.
Avenue of Flags 2Avenue of Flags 2
Avenue of Flags 2

Every State in the Union represented.
Unfinisheed Portrait of FDRUnfinisheed Portrait of FDR
Unfinisheed Portrait of FDR

In process when he died. Was never finished.

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