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Published: February 10th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

I think I'm repeating myself here, as Margaret bought herself one and I mentioned it in a previous entry...but oh well.......

There is a little Island just south of us (we can see it from our deck). The name of the Island is Jekyll. They have a very fun activity in January and Feb. Each year they commission glass artists from all over the US to make beautiful, colourful glass floats. These get hidden on the Island for people to find. If you find one, you take it to the Visitors info centre and they register it, give you a bio on the artist, and take your picture to put on their facebook page. Well......IAN FOUND ONE!!! And it's even blue, which everyone knows is my favorite colour! When you think that there are 8 miles of beaches & 22 miles of biking trails, then you can get an idea that this is not easy. Luck had a lot to do with it. We needed a bathroom stop and he figured he might as well take one last look around the area, before we left the Island for the day!

Here's the proud new owner of a Jekyll Island glass float.

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12th February 2012

St. Simons vacation
Glad to read of your time on St. Simons! Congrats on the Jekyll treasure find and it's been a pleasure talking w/ Ian in our shop by the pier (Southeast Adventure). I hope we'll have a chance to get him on a kayak tour. Love the rental house. Best, Michael

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