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December 15th 2006
Published: January 4th 2007
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30 years in the military and the rest of his life devoted to humanitarian works. Warren Williams, the Southern Gentleman works mostly with Vietnamese kids.
Warren Williams is one of many Vietnam Veterans who have gone back to a country they fought a war to promote peace and world understanding. They also promote the general welfare of the people, the Vietnamese, who have endured 40 long years of war. The Vietnam Veterans are the only veteran group I know who have done this.

Warren has a web page for his work. Go to:

His Purpose is simple:

Our Purpose - From pencils to peace
Give a child a pencil and world peace becomes a distinct possibility. You wonder how on Earth a simple pencil stacks up to an immeasurable concept like peace? Not simple, really, but a beginning. All great endeavors have a starting point. Like a pebble cast into still waters, a first simple action creates an ever-widening outward effect that eventually touches all shores.
Providing tools like pencils and other educational and economic resources awakens young minds to a world of possibilities and awareness of people and ideas outside their immediate surroundings. And minds switched
Rotary DinnerRotary DinnerRotary Dinner

Warren Williams, Dave Galloway, Mr. Galloway, Kent and Linda
on to limitless potential lead to a desire for self-reliance. Hand the child a pencil and he will learn. Then, he will teach. He will mentor. He will build prosperity. He will throw his pebble into the water, now rippling with positive energy.
Young people's view of the world springs from seeds planted early in life. Showing that friendship and goodwill lead to good lives lessens the chance that there will be hapless and disenfranchised generations grasping for hope and identity wherever they can fine it- in places that ripple with anger and violence that eventually touch every shore.
Your contribution is that pebble that starts the ripple of peace, love and understanding that eventually ripples back to your own front door.

Warren is fluent in Vietnamese and takes groups on working tours of Vietnam. He has a group going to Da Nang this spring to teach English or do simple construction works for people affected by a typhoon. In the late afternoons and evenings volunteers will visit historical/cultural sites in and around Hoi An. I you are interest contact: Warren Williams, 770-253-5662 or

Newnan is an old town but fast growing, a suburb of Atlanta. Only 20 minutes to I guess the largest airport in the world.

Newnan has plenty of new stuff to see but old Newnan is what I wanted to see. They have a driving tour of historic homes but I suggest you walk the tour. With the narrow streets in the old part and traffic, it is almost impossible to linger around.
The Redneck Café is a great place to eat. Has plenty of atmosphere plus good food.

My biggest treat was Warrens Rotary Club. I got to go to their Board meeting. This is where a good Rotary Club starts. One of the interesting things I got out of their board meeting was a board member perspective on the difference between one organization and Rotary. They had a request from a student who wanted to go on some program somewhere. There they would meet leaders of government etc. The boards response was to turn down the request because as one board member said: “My son went on one of these trips and yes you shake hands with important people and see things but it lacks the personal touch you get with Rotary programs.”

From a well run board meeting I got to see a well run Rotary Meeting. We had good food, good fellowship and an outstanding program. No wonder Newnan is growing.

Thank you Warren Williams for an outstanding time we had in Newnan.

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New one is built
Medal of Honor WinnerMedal of Honor Winner
Medal of Honor Winner

Newnan had two.

3rd August 2009

Loved it.
I loved the website. Enjoyed seeing the sites.
8th November 2010
Warren Williams

Is that a dulcimer I see on the wall? I have several, and used to play them in a group. Been years since I did, and now I play the Celtic harp.

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