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November 2nd 2013
Published: November 3rd 2013
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A Dose of Outside
A Dose of Outside is intended to share a bit of nature with you as experienced on my local hikes and other adventures. Take a moment to look out the window or step outside and see what it is you see. What you smell. Notice what’s growing around you. Use all your senses and really get A Dose of Outside!

HIKE DATE: November 2, 2013, SDC

I’ve had a headache and earache all week so I don’t feel much like doing anything. My husband gently nudges me to get outside, knowing I can only benefit from some fresh air, so off I go.

I have once again exhausted this year’s feather supply and have 15 beautiful Garden Charms finished!! So my goal is not so much to get a great workout, but to wander a bit and look for feathers.

I head up the hill across from the old Olive Press. Once I get near the farm I see something spinning and twirling, it looks like a tail. Like some small animal feverishly borrowing into a log with its tail wagging and shaking.

As I get closer I can see it is actually a feather! Calling me from afar! It’s pretty too and there are a few others here as well. Off to a good start I’d say. I gather what I find then continue to saunter up the hill.

I get a strong sensation to travel off trail for some reason. I like to honor my
instincts in this way. Sometime there is a benefit or “prize” to be had, other times I’m convinced it’s something unpleasant that was avoided by not continuing on the path I was on.

I veer north and cut through the brush on a ragged deer trail. The ground is littered with snake holes to I tread carefully.

I’m drawn to a thicket of scrub oak and Madrone. Stepping into the trees feels like stepping into another realm. I look around, enjoying the light and color.

Cresting the next hill I’m back on a trail and dead center in front of me is part of a large spine. It’s obviously been dead for some time as bleached from the sun. Thank you so much - I’ll take that with me as well!

I hike up and over, then drop back down and around so I can enter the redwoods. Ahhh. . .As I pass by, again I’m drawn to go off trail. But I’m lazy and don’t feel great so I think I’ll just. . .

A hawk screeches at me again and again. This way! I look into the trees and it’s as if a
light is shining on a path, but there is no path. Okay, I’ll bite.

I’ve never wandered through here so it’s nice change. I follow the light up the ridge. Then look for another sign and I see it, clear as day. Again, the light illuminates a “path” amidst the dried leaves for me to follow.

The leaves are thick with hard ground underneath so it’s very slippery, but I keep going. Eventually I see two large shiny things. Dead Kevlar balloons. They are even further up the ridge on a steep section, but I feel compelled to get them out and into the trash.

I slip and slide up the slope, grabbing onto to strong branches to support my trek where I can. Then it hits me. Ahhhh! The over powering scent of Bay. I’m in the middle of some beautiful Bay trees and it is intoxicating. I inhale deeply and feel the power of Mother Nature’s aroma therapy. It’s perfect.

I gather the two balloons and another piece of trash and continue on my way. Perhaps I was summoned to collect garbage? It’s possible and I’m okay with that.

With permission I also
pick one Bay leaf to take with me.

A deer trail appears before me and I’m thankful for some stable footing. I wind up to the top of the ridge and it opens up to a dried meadow. The birds are yelling out their warning calls – Human in the Hood!

In the middle of this field is a beautiful stand of Redwoods. Sentinel to the hilltop. I stand in awe of all that surrounds me.

Although I haven’t gone off trail this way, I know this land and know exactly where I am. I decide to follow the ridge top and drop back down to the trail and make a loop.

There are lots of bugs here. Surprising for this time of year. However, it’s clear lots of animals frequent this special place as evident by the scat.

A few years ago I encountered a bobcat up here. He crested over this very ridge to stake a place on the trail in front of me, blocking my way. Perhaps he took this very route? I wonder. . .

Following the path I emerge from the trees and gain spectacular views of the valley
below. The trees surrounding SDC are red, orange and yellow, creating a divine tapestry for the eyes to delight in.

I see a few small feathers along the way and gather them with thanks. I really need BIG feathers, however, to create additional charms. I am flush with small to medium thank you very much.

Reaching my intersection I head north again towards the farm. There is a beautiful moth on the trail. Knowing she will move when I approach I ready my camera and try to get a shot from here. Eh, not great.

I move closer and she spreads her wings wide, striking a pose for no one but me. I do feel special! I am right on top of her and she doesn’t mind for she has things to show me. So I look and admire.

Passing the farm again the goats approach to make sure I meant it when I said I had no snacks. Sorry guys!

I didn’t hike far, but I DID go far. A walk in the woods is always good soul food and my spirits are somewhat lifted.

So remember - if you can only get
outside for a little bit, do it! A little Dose of Outside is better than no dose at all!

Please feel free to share this blog with anyone you feel might enjoy it.

(There are usually additional photos at the bottom of this post as well.)

This blog will be published frequently and on an irregular schedule. Below is the link to my jewelry website featuring one-of-a-kind designs as well as tons of free photography downloads from other adventures!

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