Life, Death and the Metamorphic Conspiracy, Sequoia National Park

Published: November 23rd 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

The weekend before I was to have surgery, I decided to go on one last backpacking trip. Honestly I didn't know if I would ever be able to go backpacking again. What if the cancer had penetrated the bladder wall, spread to the lymph nodes and required serious treatment? I might need my bladder removed completely, or perhaps radiation therapy, chemotherapy and more surgeries. My future was uncer... Read Full Entry

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Mine ShaftMine Shaft
Mine Shaft

35 second exposure, 2 headlamps, tripod, amanda walking away, me painting with light

24th November 2007

Your awesome!!
Just admiring your latest pics with my grandma and mum, we are all oohing and aahing! Heading to Chile????
24th November 2007

Amazing pics and text! Good to hear that all is going well.
24th November 2007

Good stuff!
Great pics as usual and hey congrats on the medical thing. Ur first paragraph gave me a scare!
25th November 2007

Hey - Good to hear the op went well. Keep me updated with your travel plans. Might see you for a beer at some point! E
26th November 2007

What a beautiful place
Seems all I do is rate your photos with 5s!
30th November 2007

Awesome photography
I read almost all of your blogs but probably this is my 1st comment. Love your writing. Keep traveling, keep writing. When you are down just think, "This too shall pass". It will definitely pass:-) travelbuffs
3rd December 2007

TAS...The Amazing Steve
Isn't my son just amazing !!!
5th December 2007

Mineral King
I love your pictures Steve. I think you remember me, a friend of Jeff Briet's who went on a trip a few years ago to ????. The reservoir which was very low, and I sunk in the mud at shoreline while trying to release a nice rainbow trout. Maybe you remember I have property in Three Rivers, just a mile or so from the turnoff from Hwy 198 to the Mineral King road. It is a 5th Wheel trailer, and u are welcome to join me there (as base camp) on your next trip to Mineral King. Let me know when u want to go and I will join u. I don't know details on your bladder surgery or diagnosis, but it sounds like u are doing well now after the surgery. Glad to hear!!!! Going to the "Church" of the High Sierra is the best medicine there is! Best wishes.... keep me posted. Bruce Hultgren
21st December 2007

What a relief!
hey dear, i haven't kept up with all your messages so just saw your entry now a few minutes ago and i was SHOCKED
21st December 2007

What a relief continued
me again...not sure what happened to the previous message. aaaanyway, all i wanted to say is that i am very happy to hear that surgery went well and that you will be able to continue travelling and taking amazing pictures. look forward to more!!! as for myself for some reason i haven't been feeling like updating my blog even though i have been doing quite some travelling in the last 6 months....well, i might still get around to doing it well and stay happy!! take care, christina
13th September 2008

Best Wishes
Hi Steve! Best wishes for your health recovery. May God Bless you and grant you another opportunity to visit high peaks of His creation. I lived in Chile 10 years and still in love with chilean memories of breathtaking sights, landscaping and people. I was blessed that my Father, may He rest in peace (in Chile) was and ocean explorer in Chile and my 2 months School vacation time spent traveling with him from Arica to Punta Arenas, Chiloe, Isla Mocha, etc. My heart beat fast with excitment seening the pictures you shared online where i had been before like Cajon del Maipu and other places in Chile. Steve may Merciful God grant you health, peace, happiness and Trust in Him! Tropical Regards, Marysia
26th August 2010
Granite Stripes

Granite Stipes
What are the white stripes in granite from? Thanks!

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