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December 7th 2012
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So, we made it! 😊 but what a journey it was. Lets start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.

We arrived at Adelaide airport at 8.30am. After checking in we headed to have breakfast with Mum, dad and Peter.
A coffee and a muffin later, it was about that time to head throught to customs. After a teary goodbye and many hugs later we passed through the doors. After not a long wait at all we were bording our Air New Zealand flight to Auckland. 5 hours later we landed and were russhed onto our next flight.
NZ8 to San Francisco. This flight was a little longer at 11 hours, but we didnt care as we were so excited to just get there.
A bit of a bumpy ride into San Fran and I (emma) wasnt feeling so good, and had to make use of those lovely paper bags!
About an hour later we were out the front of the airport catching our shuttle to Handerly Union square hotel. When we arrived our room wasnt quite ready so we decided to leave ourbags there, and explore the city before our Alkatraz Night tour began at 4pm. We looked at some shops but at about 3 we made our way to Fishermans Wharf. Accidently walking to Pier 1, when our boat left from Pier 34 was annoying but we made it just in time.
Our Boat left at 4.20 so we boarded and got a good view on the top deck. A short 15 minute ride and we were there. We walked up 4 hills and arrived at the main cell block where we were all issued with headphones for a vertual tour.
The tour was told by past prisioners and officers. and took us through the different rooms, and even showed us the two cells where the famous escape from Alkatraz occured. It really was an amazing experience, one that cant be put into words that make it sound anything like how good it was.

Our boat headed home at 7.10pm. we decided to walk back to the hotel and get some food on the way then relax for the rest of the night. After getting royaly lost and asking 4 different people directions we made it back at 9.30pm. The first thing on the agenda tomorrow?? GET A MAP!!

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8th December 2012

I read it sounds great keep enjoying the experence and looking forward to more photos love mum
8th December 2012

You've finally arrived!
Hi girls, Sounds as though you're already in the thick of it and into the sightseeing. Great photos! xx

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