Chowder time!!

Published: August 4th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Up and out bright and early today 😊 We took a walk through Chinatown to Downtown, a very peculiar experience. Our first stop was Union Square with all the big shops, unfortunately we had to postpone a visit to the Cheese Cake Factory having just filled up on bagels at the hostel, but we are definitely going back!

Then we hit pier 39 – Waw! With chowder, sea lions and chocolate shops at the plenty, this city was certainly off to a flying start! Even Annie tried the clam chowder and surprised us both by liking it and helped Scott with finishing it off. We soon realised why the piers were so bustling with people; anywhere with views of Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge and entertaining sea lions would pull the crowds in.

We came across a vintage arcade down at Fisherman’s Warf, where one of the machines revealed Annie had a stronger grip than Scott (which will come in handy if strangling is required). With his masculinity bruised he had to prove himself superior by defeating the super-human arm wrestler which nearly broke Annie’s wrist (shame there’s no picture of that)!

Back at the hostel we scoffed our free dinner with the chef and swiftly retreated back to our room for an early night ready for Alcatraz in the morning.

We were unable to buy a sim card as the mobile phone is blocked but we will keep blogging every day and will skype soon!

Hope everyone is ok back home!

Peace out from San Fran! x x x

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Annie and snoop doggy dogAnnie and snoop doggy dog
Annie and snoop doggy dog

New friends for Boris Maggi??

4th August 2012
The fighting, smelly, noisy blobs

That one in the bottom left hand corner looks so much like your brother Rory! The description fits him perfectly too! x
4th August 2012
Annie and snoop doggy dog

We love the poochies!
Only you would find a pack of dogs and end up in the middle of them! Love this!
4th August 2012
Annie and snoop doggy dog

Looks like your trip is off to a fab start!! Loving the photos, but Annie I don't think being surrounded by dogs and the tramp trolley behind you is a good look haha!! Love the blog so far, will keep visiting to see how you both are!! Happy Holidays :) xx
5th August 2012
Scott's new love

Hi Scot and Annie
How could you eat that it looked massive I wish I could be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6th August 2012

Hi Lucy! It was lush, you would've finished it if you had tasted how good it was!!
10th August 2012

Yeeh Hah!!!!
Yo looks like your having a fab time - looking after Ma or will be this weekend bet she's missing aving the ironing and cleaning done lol - take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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