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October 24th 2008
Published: October 30th 2008
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The Bay Bridge!The Bay Bridge!The Bay Bridge!

3 idiots get in the way of the bridge photo!
Today, as with many others, had a very loose fitting schedule. We had our continental breakfast in the hotel before watching some TV and then hitting the road around 11am. It did not take long to reach San Francisco and after only a few hours we were crossing the Bay Bridge into central. We were unimpressed by the hotel prices in central San Francisco and so opted for the cheaper accomodation nearer the airport to the south.

We checked into a hotel with an outdoor pool and wonderful views of the 101 highway! After settling in, Dale drove us back to downtown San Francisco to check out the sights and to plan our forthcoming days. We headed to Subway for lunch (can't beat those $5 footlongs!) and then went on an adventure to find Mrs Doubtfire's house. We found it with relative ease however it took us a while to believe it was the actual house.

Not wanting to see too much in one day, we headed back to our hotel via the supermarket. Our dinner was an assortment of random items and we had to take it in turn to eat.

Gourmet Meal for 3:

1 tub of spicy noodles
2 packets of beef noodles
6 bananas
12 glazed donuts

i) Using the coffee maker, heat some water and pour into tub of spicy noodles. Allow cooking time of 2-3 minutes and then add flavourings (personal choice will dictate if flavours are added before or after the boiling water)
ii) Run to nearby pancake house to steal a fork with which to eat noodles. Bon appetite!
iii) Wash polystyrene tub and plastic fork and allow to air.
iv) Heat water in coffee maker and using the polystyrene tub as a a bowl, mix in 1 packet of beef noodles with the boiling water. Wait until cooked throughout and enjoy.
v) Repeat steps (iii) and (iv) for the final serving.
vi) For dessert, help yourself to glazed donuts. Three may be the limit in one sitting due to fat content!
vii) Ignore the bananas and save for another day!


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