Moving on the hottest day of the year

Published: June 23rd 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

The Moving GangThe Moving GangThe Moving Gang

Our move was a success!
We have finally moved mostly out of our San Francisco apartment. Thanks to some awesome friends and a Uhaul truck, we were able to move everything we are storing during our journey to my dad's house (into my old room) by 4:00pm on Saturday. I swear I had no idea just how much stuff we had even after our huge moving sale!

It was also the hottest day of the year in SF so you can be sure we sweat and sweat while moving things from the third floor apartment, with no elevator, down to the truck. It was much easier to unload as there were no stairs in our way once we reached my dad's house...then we took a burrito break and finally rushed back the truck to get it to the city by 4:00. I never thought we would be able to fit all of our stuff into my small bedroom, but my best girlfriend Kirsten proved to be a miracle worker with her Tertis-style abilities. And I can't forget Urian, Aaron and Jason's brawn!! Or Ronnie's tough task-mastering! But we needed all of these people to make it a successful move. So now it feels like we are camping in our apartment. We have kept the futon to sleep on and kitchen items to cook our meals.

We also had our family-going-away BBQ last night in the East Bay. We had a great American style meal of hot dogs and potato salad along with some of Carie's (my new stepmom) fabulous cooking! It was hard to say good-bye, but everyone was very encouraging. (Except I didn't like the suggestion my uncle gave to Ronnie that he should buy a gun for protection...)

So this is our last week on US soil. Our to do lists are mostly filled with last suppers, cleaning, painting and last minute shopping items.

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Coordinating EveryoneCoordinating Everyone
Coordinating Everyone

Even though my hands were full...
Dad and Kirsten Dad and Kirsten
Dad and Kirsten

They fit everything into one small bedroom!

14th August 2008

This seemed like yesterday......

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