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June 13th 2013
Published: June 13th 2013
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June 13
My travels began yesterday with a rather uneventful flight down to Seattle and my typical bad night's sleep in a decent hotel the night before a flight. I did, however, meet a man on the plane. A teacher/administrator who did three years in Emmonak! We swapped "living in the bush" stories much of the flight. Of course, we discovered all over again that Alaska is really just one big village.

Today was all nerves and fidgets as I got into the Prius I was smooth talked into upgrading to. The flight to San Francisco was great - packed plane - but a good flight. I couldn't believe how far it is out to the rental car lot! And the mass amount of humanity sitting and standing and waiting in the lines! It only took about 20 minutes to get the car, which was not bad at all. When I picked up the car - I was so very nervous. So clean and tidy - not a scratch or ding. I'm supposed to drive this thing for two weeks!! Yikes. I had to have one of the guys come over to show me how the thing worked. Push the button and the car says "ready" ? Push the button for the parking gear?? Once I got the hang of it and the Garmin, it was pretty much ok.

I took off for Highway 1. It was a diversion to the north and west a bit from the airport, but it seemed more picturesque than the direct route south to Salinas. I didn't get far before wanting to stop at every road side attraction and beach. It's a beautiful coastline. I did stop at Rockaway Beach just to breathe a little after getting on the road. I realized how slow the going would be, and I had made plans to meet my B&B hosts for a yoga class, so I had to head out.

It was getting a bit peckish in the car so I did indulge in an hour stop at the Fitzgerald Nature Preserve. It's a beautiful beach with great tide pools and seals. Got to see the seals and their pups just a few yards down the beach, but it was getting to be high tide, so no pools for me. After that, it was pretty much just drive until I bout ran out of time. There were so many places I wanted to pull off - fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, elephant seals at one of the state parks, beautiful beaches - but I had made plans to meet my hosts - and I made it to Monterey with about half an hour to spare.

I haven't had time to explore Monterey much, but the historic Cannery Row is pretty awesome. I went to the studio - it was a true studio - dance floor and mirrors, sound and video recording as well - and went for my first Kundalini yoga class. I was open to accept the spirit of what was being taught - I guess it was a class in the style of yoga - not just a session. The studio was full and included a number of people who seem to be seeking and searching. It was interesting to say the least. I kept finding myself peeking through my eyelids to see what everyone was doing. And trying not to be judgmental... but my eyebrows kept getting a little cockeyed as I tried to find my center. Not an easy feat.

I kept thinking that I was in a sitcom where the little Christian girl finds herself in an ancient style of yoga class and the cross necklace she was wearing would explode any minute - I think I want Melissa McCarthy to play me in my own version of Eat, Pray, Love. All joking aside, it was a lovely experience. It still amazes me that we humans are such seekers of the divine. It doesn't seem to matter where we are in life, or who we sometimes pretend to be, we all search for meaning and our place in the world. It's hard to remember and practice the teaching most religions have in common - the idea of sending our essence into the world for peace and love and selflessness but it was good to go last night. It helped remind me of that doctrine. It also helped create a little peace in my heart that I had been searching for the last few days. My host at the B&B was the teacher of the class, and this one statement made an impact on me - fearlessness only happens when the heart is open.


13th June 2013

So excited to "travel with you" again this summer!

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