All the leaves are brown... and the bike was PINK!

Published: February 4th 2007
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If you're in Hollywood you just have to shop in Rodeo Drive - well we drove down the street and peered in the windows! We did a little cruising around Beverley Hills - open mouthed at all the extrememly posh houses - very Wisteria Lane - and then on to Hollywood. We wandered outside the Chinese Theatre checking out the handprints in the pavement, and then posed for photo's with the Hollywood sgn in the background. Andy shopped for some boots - so he is now all kitted out ready for the ranch - apart from a cowboy hat which might be going a bit too far!!

Today we took to the saddle and 2 wheels. We had a great day cycling along the coast cycle path and watching the world LA style. Our heads were on a swivle with amazing sights all around us from the muscle bound beach gym to the tiny kids on skateboards. We got all the way to Marina Del Rey with a stop at Venice beach - had a small lunch then back to Santa Monica for a beer in the sun.

This is our last night here and then off to Joshua Tree National Park tomorrow.

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6th February 2007

Ahoy the globetrotters!
Hey you two, you surprised us with this! Sorry we did not meet up in November, many trials and tribulations with my work. Anyway, you have a fab time - what about getting a Harley out for a few days? We had friends that cruised up the coastline from Los Angeles they said it was amazing!! Tomie and I will check in again so keep the blog up to date. :¬> Trevor & Tomie

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