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March 17th 2006
Published: May 12th 2006
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Streets of London Public HouseStreets of London Public HouseStreets of London Public House

One of two, this one in Folsom California, USA
Well, it being St. Patrick's Day here in the States, Holly and I decided we would go out for some good ol' Corned Beef and Cabbage for dinner.

There being two Streets of London Public Houses (not Irish, we know, but close enough) within a short drive from our home we went to check out the St. Patrick's Day party action at the Folsom location (there is also a SOLP in mid-town Sacramento).

For all die-hard Anglophiles/Europhiles like Holly and I, or if you're a Limey (please take no offense, none intended) living in the States and are somewhat homesick, Streets of London Pub is the place to be. Having lived in England myself and experiencing first hand a real English pub ambiance, the old Coca-Cola advertising jingle "There's nothing like the real thing, Baby" holds true here.

Although we have never met the owners of SOLP our understanding is they are British, well enough. They have done a very good job at re-creating a British style Public House - sans second-hand smoke (plenty of second hand smoke being typical of a real English pub experience). If you must smoke, there is a lovely seating arrangement outside, picnic
Just ArrivedJust ArrivedJust Arrived

Party to start soon
tables with brolly's where you can eat, drink and smoke a fag (that's a cigarette - for those of you who are culturally challenged).

SOLP has traditional pub grub such as, the all-time favorite, fish & chips (not wrapped in newsprint paper for take-out), bangers and mash, and shepards pie as well as other favorites.

All this British cuisine can be washed down with a bloody good selection of British and European brew including Bass, Stella, Guinness and Dry Blackthorn cider. It's a warm and welcoming place with friendly staff and patrons, you order at the bar and food is brought out to your table.

There is also a few telly screens to watch soccer, a fusbol table, darts and an all-British juke box. The Corned Beef dinner was "lovely" as one would say and the party; well, see the photos. And by the way - Cheers mate!

Additional photos below
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Brews on TapBrews on Tap
Brews on Tap

Hey, not a bad selection
The crowd is warm and welcomingThe crowd is warm and welcoming
The crowd is warm and welcoming

I wonder if they're all Irish?
Let's give Bob and Brenda Brewer a "Ring-Up"Let's give Bob and Brenda Brewer a "Ring-Up"
Let's give Bob and Brenda Brewer a "Ring-Up"

(((Ring))), (((Ring))), (((Ring))).... OPERATOR: “ 'ello, Ettington, UK”... AL & HOLLY: “ 'ello, Bob & Brenda in?”... OPERATOR: “They’re not in at the moment, may I take a message?”... AL & HOLLY: “Yes, tell the Brewers we’re at the Pub, we’ll have to start the party without them”... OPERATOR: “Very well, will that be all?"... AL & HOLLY: "No! tell them we'll ring'em again about half ten, if we're not too pissed up by then"... OPERATOR: "Cheeri-O!”... AL & HOLLY: “Jolly good, Toodle-pip." OPERATOR: "That'll be two quid fifty pence"... OPERATOR: " 'ello? 'ello? 'eelloo!?!"... ((Kliik))........
Let the Party BeginLet the Party Begin
Let the Party Begin

Steve, the French Real Estate Guy. After one beer, could he be pissed already!!
Let the good times rollLet the good times roll
Let the good times roll

Goofy (had too much Guinness) and Holly. David the Portuguese Fire Captain, a really great guy.
Out on the patioOut on the patio
Out on the patio

Friendly Party Goers
Patio ScenePatio Scene
Patio Scene

It was a nice cool evening
Al, Holly and...Al, Holly and...
Al, Holly and...

Hey! where's David?
The Friendly IrishThe Friendly Irish
The Friendly Irish

They know how to throw a party
Fashion EyewareFashion Eyeware
Fashion Eyeware

Goofy (had too much Guinness) and the SOLP Gang

18th March 2006

Super fun there, but here's the BIG news: In London, with the new law it is also not allowed to smoke inside pubs! Ireland was the first in this and it's working wonderfully! The pubs were never this full, meaning they didn't loose clients with this law, in fact made some more. Art
20th March 2006

Oh yes, how we do wish we could have been there with you. Looks like lots of fun but hey did we miss that call from you in the red box?
15th March 2007

I have a question...I am 15 and me and my Dad want to come in and watch some soccer games because we dont get the channels on our TV. Is that against the law?? COuld we do that?? :]
15th March 2007

I have a question...I am 15 and me and my Dad want to come in and watch some soccer games because we dont get the channels on our TV. Is that against the law?? COuld we do that?? :]
16th March 2007

Call Streets of London Pub directly.
I suppose you can as long as you're WITH your dad. However, you should call the Streets of London Pub directly and ask them, they should know the law. Their number is 1-916-984-3706 - Cheers!!

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