Into the Valley of Death

Published: February 28th 2007
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As we nosed through the mountain range headed for Death Valley we didn’t really know what to expect - but you do tend to think about those early pioneers trying to get their wagons through the mountains only to come across Death Valley!!! The area truly is vast and barren and seems endless. We booked into a lodge at Stovepipe Wells on the end of the valley and took trips to all the best tourist sites. We did have lots of fun particularly on the sand dunes - it’s a lot like Formby - only much much bigger!!! It was hot visiting in the winter - but we just couldn’t imagine it in the heat of the summer - up to 134 degrees - ouch!!!!
Yesterday we did all the desert sights and ended up at sunset on the recommended view point. Surrounded by photographers we realised our camera battery had run out so opened our bottle of sparkly and breathed in the scene. Met Doug from Michigan and chatted and giggled until it was totally dark and everyone had long gone. Hope to catch up with him again sometime. This morning we had one last hike before leaving, this time up Mosaic Canyon, another geological wonder. Then on the road to Sequoia NP, Yosemite NP and onwards...

...At half way through the trip, it’s time to take stock:
Days - 25
Miles - 2200
Hotels - 10
Car washes - 3
Laundries - 2 (and another needed soon!)
National Parks - 4
Fuel stops - way too many (it’s a 4.5 litre V6)
Bottles of wine - enough
Food - too much
Hair cuts - 1 (Andy)

Additional photos below
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1st March 2007

We are all really enjoying your blog, I (Linda) feel like I am revisiting places I haven't seen since the early 80s. The photos are spectacular, keep them coming!

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