Day 16

Published: June 11th 2006
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Rocky PointRocky PointRocky Point

These are the rocks I was climbing over at the beach.
I felt a lot better in the morning. Dunno what it was the night before, but some cola and a good night’s sleep (sleeping in an extra 2 hours) did the trick! Mom and I checked out of the hotel and then went our separate ways; her on a taxi to the airport, me back in my car and further up the coast. It was good to get some personal space back.

The drive up to Crescent City was really nice. I went through a bit of the wine country, with vines stretching out for rows and rows. Then I entered the National Redwood Forest. Wow. It was like driving through another world at some points. The best part was when there was a 2 mile stretch where the trees were so tall and so close to the road that you had to turn on your headlights. Or maybe it was when the trees would give way, unexpectedly, to an amazing view of the ocean or a lagoon. I think today’s drive was even better than yesterday’s!

I pulled into Crescent City around 7pm, but my host of the evening had not yet arrived. So, I wandered. She only
Tidal Pool 1Tidal Pool 1Tidal Pool 1

A small tidal pool on the point with some plants in it.
lives a block and a half from the ocean, so that’s where I went. I found a little drop down to a rocky beach and started exploring. I got some really cool photos. The beach was covered in pink driftwood. The further out on the point I went, the rougher the rocks became. Then the tidal pools started showing up. But there wasn’t much in them except plants, so I went a bit further out.


I found a tidal pool with some anemones and a star fish. I took a wicked good picture. Then my luck (and the tide) changed and the waves started crashing in. I tried to back up off the rock a little too quickly and lost my footing. I didn’t land in the tidal pool, but I did cut up my hand on those rough rocks. Had to pick out a couple bits of rock, so I figured it was time to head back to the car for my first-aid kit.

Just after I found all of the supplies I needed, my host arrived and we went inside to dress my wound (incident #3 of the trip, for those of you keeping
Tidal Pool 2Tidal Pool 2Tidal Pool 2

I risked my life for this picture, although I didn't know it at the time!
score). Then we drove around the city, seeing the sites, and got some awesome Chinese food. By the way, if you ever get a chance to come up to Crescent City, do it! It is absolutely gorgeous along the beach. There are big rocks, called sea stacks, out in the ocean, which makes for some amazing contrast. It’s not just sand and then ocean.

Once we got back we were bushed, so we made up my bed and then both crashed out for the night. Hopefully the next set of adventures will come injury free!!!

Additional photos below
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Tidal Pool AftermathTidal Pool Aftermath
Tidal Pool Aftermath

Injury #3 - taking a chunk out of my hand. This is after I picked the bits of rock out of it.
Rocks in the EveningRocks in the Evening
Rocks in the Evening

Took this after I hurt myself. It seems that I take pretty pictures when in pain...

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