July 4 in the Southern Channel Islands, 2006

Published: September 2nd 2006
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My first live-aboard diving trip! 4 days on a Truth Aquatics Vision Live-Aboard boat with unlimited diving, great food and great people in the gems of the Mediterranean Pacific ocean off the coast of Southern California. Most diving was done on San Clemente Island, although we also dove at Catalina Island and Santa Cruz Island as well. Tons of wildlife, very warm water, incredible weather and a fantastic crew made the trip noteworthy! Lets not forget the 3 hours of drunken revelry for July 4 at Avalon Bay, Catalina.


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Pregnant Female LobsterPregnant Female Lobster
Pregnant Female Lobster

This is why you aren't allowed to harvest!

18th September 2006

Looks fun
Hi Stephen, Thanks for your comment on my Madrid page – sorry I only just saw it! Yep, long-distance travelling is on hold until I have enough money, but the plan is to head to South America next June and mess around there for a year or so – might bump into you in Chile! Great blogs and pics btw.

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