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November 8th 2009
Published: November 8th 2009
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Welllll helllooooo! So I've been getting quite a bit of grief about not keeping this journal up to date. But in all reality, I haven't been doing too terribly much. I work about 25 minutes away from where I live, so I go to work, come home, play with my puppy and go to bed to start it over again. I am still having a good time at my job, it is starting to get a little hectic unfortunately. Lots of clients and only one me. I'm getting the job done though, like I usually do. I am starting to put my foot down on some topics though, because I am only one person and they don't want to pay me any overtime. Sooooo that's been interesting getting that all worked out, but I have and so far it's not too bad. I am starting to hang out with some of my coworkers, and it's been a good time. Today I participated in a walk for "Out of the Darkness", which is a suicide prevention group. It was fun, the Little Rock riverfront area is actually quite beautiful. The turnout was pretty good, about 500 people, they raised about 30,000 dollars, and donations are still being accepted online.. so that is cool. I'm glad I participated in it.. is always good to be a part of something much bigger than you. I brought my puppy Kubby with me, he actually did pretty good. He didn't like the guitars and the speakers and stuff, but overall he was a good boy. I was proud. It was a great day for it, the weather couldn't have been more beautiful.
A couple of weekends ago I went to Pinnacle Point Moutain. It was muddy, but gorgeous. Kuby was able to climb at least halfway up the mountain, and he was able to get down as well! I was proud, he's a rock star. lol, or a rock climber. It was a lot of fun and I want to go back sometime, but don't know if I'll be able to due to the weather.. I don't like to climb around in the woods in the cold. I almost got stuck out there at night, but thanks to my keen sense of direction Kub and I made it out just before dusk.
I will say that there is not too much to do around here unless it is outdoors. Which since it rained for like 3 weeks straight, that kinda limits what you're able to do! But that's ok, I'm getting by and it isn't all bad, I am having fun. Ryan came out for about a week over Halloween, so that helped the entertainment factor.. never a dull moment. But, things are good and I am looking forward to Thanksgiving Break.. which is only 2 weekends away!!! Wow, time has really flown by here. I can't believe I only have 7 weeks left here. I did an interview with a pediatric facility in Texas.. sounds like a lot of fun! It is in Pharr, Tx, which is very South, and only like an hour from the South Padre Island. That's what I love about it.. the thought of the beach on the weekends.. and even the weekdays if I really wanted or needed to get away. I also like the idea of the weather being in the 60s and 70s in January. 😊 Makes me very happy.
So that is all I really have for now. I hope this is ok with everyone.. I'm sorry I haven't done much I will try to do better and go more places!! lol.


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