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April 2nd 2007
Published: April 2nd 2007
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Thanks to all of you faithful blog followers! I know that it must have gotten boring but we appreciated that you shared our adventures and MISadventures with us!!! Miles gracias

Yes, we are back stateside and it is great. It took awhile to get here but we made it without too much trouble. The worst was the 3 hour wait at the border getting back in to the US. Wow. Sunday is NOT a good day to go into the US. We really made good time in spite of MORE bad roads on the toll road in Mexico. We are not quite sure how that government justifies charging tolls and then does nothing with its highways! Another sign of corruption? Mmmmmm.....

We were both pretty frazzled by the time we got out of Mexico. I was all excited to call home to the kids and use a "real" phone rather than the Yahoo phone in. I went to make a call only to learn that our account had been suspended!! We had just changed accounts in November and we THOUGHT that we had the payments set to be debited from our checking but apparently something went awry!! So more hassles tomorrow. Then when I couldn't make phone calls, I figured I would fire up my air card and go online. WRONG again. Same thing. New account in December, but , even though I spoke to Sprint while we were still in AZ, I thought all was set. I still have no clue why the account was not paid. But that is now on the mend so.......grrrrr.

We had a great adventure and would probably do it all again---but the next time withOUT a HUGE fifth wheel. The Baja is definitely not designed for big rigs. A smaller RV or even a regular van or truck camper would be best. The Baja is definitely a different world from the rest of Mexico. I am not certain that I would want to give up the space of my 5er yet. But if it means going back to los Barriles........well, that is yet another decision! We met some very fine people along the way and will no doubt meet up with some of them again. But for now, it looks like we must get back to reality.

We now head back to Lake Havasu to pick up mail, do taxes and then head to N. Michigan.....I hope it will stay nice now there but I hear another cold snap is on its way this week! Well, then, we will just stay gone........NOT!


3rd April 2007

welcome back.
what a great adventure. i have been in thomasville w/grandchildren and shared some of your pictures w/them. it really made my days special. visited mexico w/out leaving the usa. thanks for the fantastic trip. visual adventures. enjoy your summer.

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