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August 22nd 2010
Published: August 22nd 2010
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August 18th, Wed
Looking out the airplane window, all I saw was beauty; so I was already in high anticipation of beauty sensory overload! The city of Anchorage then was a huge disappointment since it looked like any city in the U.S, Walmart and all. We headed for Abbey’s home in Seward and left Anchorage city limits, I got excited - Yes, I’m definitely in Alaska! Beautiful. It reminded me of the day after my cataract operation, the bandage came off and I saw glorious color, never realizing how my cataract had gradually dulled my vision. In the same way, the mountains I look at every day in California are wonderful, but these mountains seem clocked in finer greens, with gorgeous blue tinted glaciers and an exciting blue sky with fat white clouds. No smog!

As we were driving by the fast moving water of the Turnagain Arm, Dick told me to watch out for people parked on the side of the road with coolers and water jugs. Since I was in a jet lag fog, I never questioned why but assumed he wanted to buy their water. He spotted the stopped cars, pulled over, and raced to assemble empty jugs. He ran across the road and proceeded to fill the jugs with glacier run off water. It was then I learned that Abbey’s home has electricity and gas but no running water! That also means no flush toilets! Naturally, I thought they were kidding. Imagine my surprise when I climbed a hill in her wooded back yard to use the outhouse. Yup, no lie.

Still on our way to Abbey’s home, Dick and Abbey spotted friends parked on the side of the road. They had just returned from a 3 day hike, and were wet, exhausted, and excited about their jaunt in raw nature. They were invited to join us for dinner that night. Will wonders never cease in this beautiful land - we had BEAR meat for dinner and it was actually very tasty! We had that dinner at 9PM on Abbey’s front porch, with the sun still shinning, the temperature dropping, and everyone laughing. Thoroughly enjoyed the fun dinner with the hunters --wonderful young men who love nature and honor life, Abbey -beautiful inside and out!, and my favorite only brother, Dick!

Life is great - and this is only the first day.



22nd August 2010

What a wonderful story teller you are Marilyn, can't wait to read more.

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