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June 28th 2014
Published: June 29th 2014
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"Heaven seems a little closer when you are sitting by a beach." ~

I tell ya, a girl could get used to this type of thing. Waking up to the balmy sea kissed air, with no clock to tell me what time it is, and this morning (Domingo) Sunday, we are enjoying a steaming cup of Mexican dark roast coffee on our own terrace (well it's "OURS" for 6 days) not 100 feet from the ocean...and when it gets too hot, well we go jump in our own pool (well it's OUR pool for 6 days....hahaha!) The grocery store has an impressive bakery, so Al is enjoying a variety of danish, raspberry tart & lemon muffin. (see the king have his breakfast by the pool).

Well I lied...this morning we did not sleep in, we really wanted to catch our first sunrise on the island. Isla is known for its spectacular sunrises, as being the most Eastern point of all of Mexico, it luckily receives the first rays of light. We set the alarm for 6am, as the sun was to rise at 6:08. When we got up, it looked a bit overcast, but it's quite warm with a slight breeze. It's so quiet, except for these black birds that are up on the palapa roof who have this very strange yet cool bird call. They sound like they are dentist drill. Then in unison they all put their heads straight up to the sky, and then slowly their back feather/tail raises up & flaps. I'm trying to find out the name of these birds...Aroka someone told me? Roll your 'r's.

Anyhow the sunrise was the most amazing one I've ever seen! We kept watching...nothing. Will there be a sunrise? There'd better because that bed/pillow that I dragged myself from was like lying in a big fluffy cloud of goodness. So finally I said to Al...look! There was this first glimmer of orange peeking over the horizon; almost like it was being shy. Then slowly the beginning of a golden sphere started to rise, very slowly. It was this beautiful sharp orange/apricot that is hard to capture with a camera. It was amazing to watch its graceful ascension taking its place in the sky to guide and warm us for the day. AMAZING. I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring; each one unique like all of you 😊 (Please note the pics of the sun rising in order at the bottom. Mom you'll like these).


We took the ferry to the island rolling our luggage & met up with Stephanie, a lovely British lass who was SO welcoming. We were so hot and tired, and our cell phones did not have any freakin' connection, so I tried using the phone at the ferry and it did not work. And we were told free email on the ferry. Oh really? I think I'd have had to stand on the tip of the ferry like something out of the Titanic to get a signal. A poor samaritan saved the day and allowed me to call Stephanie who promptly got on her golf cart and led us to the condo. I was so grateful I could've cried with hauling luggage in 45C heat and you all know how the heat makes me turn into a tomato. We appreciated coming right to the condo and not having to store our luggage.

The pictures of this oceanfront villa does not do it justice. Custom built with love in the details. A gourmet kitchen, 3 bedrooms each with sliding doors to the pool, patio loungers, palapa bar, and a huge rooftop palapa with dining area, a rooftop dipping pool and all with amazing views of the ocean. (Yes you are all invited!) Beautiful palm trees surround the villa, with flowering plants/flowers that I cannot identify but will! Remote controlled a/c in each room, state-of-the-art kitchen, iPod, American TV & PVR player, (we can't wait to watch Wimbledon when we need a break from all that outside goodness), free calls home, and minutes by golf cart to some of the most beautiful beaches and restaurants. Yes, Al bowed down to me for getting this place for our stay. This folks is a very reasonable holiday, and a great bang fior your buck for a family getaway...So start saving up your Cdn coin; even if the CDN dollar has been tanking, you all deserve this kind of getaway. I said so!

After unpacking, we floated in the pool with a drink, stunned into silence by the ocean views, the peaceful nature, and the calls of the birds, while the breeze cooled us. By 3PM we hadn't eaten much, so off we went to a beautiful Italian beachfront restaurant (one of our favorites from before). On the way there, we saw a funny sign, "Beer so cold it will make your teeth hurt". We have passed this spot before without going in, but today it required a visit. It also had a sign that said, "Relax & Chill. No parties over 4 people. No kids (only 18+), and no drinks to go". We thought that was funny. We took a stroll around, and it is really beautiful with Adirondack chairs, loungers, fountains, bar swings...It's not possible we thought, but it just keeps getting better & better here. We met a young couple from Texas who had escaped their group. They were on bar swings, and the girl Dakota had been enjoying her share of margaritas and sipping pina colodas (from real coconuts) & they were enjoying a few hours alone together with their kids back at their villa. Let's just say, she was really funny, but I think she was getting close to flipping right out of that bar swing if she had one more "pinnna colata" (as she called it in her slurry words!) 😊 People do get into a real relaxed vibe here 😊

We enjoyed a lunch at our favorite Italian spot; I ordered grilled lobster, and Al had smoked salmon penne with cream sauce. For once both of us were quiet, taking in the amazing surroundings, watching the waves break against the jagged rocks, sipping wonderful wine and feeling pretty darn blessed. I had a few moments thinking of the kids at home but did my best to push those thoughts away, since time will fly by, and we need to enjoy each second. I joked to Al it's been so long since we've had any long period of time alone that I felt the need to introduce myself :> HOLA Allan mi nombre es Sally (Hello Allan, my name is Sally).

So far this couple's vacation is rocking; no petty arguments (well Al did try and steal the first nacho chip last night and he almost ran over my foot today with the *&^%$ golf cart which needs to be returned for another cart since it's A) way too slow & other carts are passing us and B) the brake is sticking which has caused Al no end of aggravation today. Oh boy, if this is all we have to worry about...then slap me silly & call me crazy. It's been a great 2 days together. I like that we can chat up with each other, and then we can enjoy the silence that falls between us when we want to read, blog, watch sunrises, or stare at the ocean...

We are so used to being in a family setting/group, that I'm not sure Al & I actually hear each other all the time clearly. We shall put it down to the wind and music while we've been here, but yesterday I said to Al, "I love the beautiful ocean views", and Al says, "You love Tom Cruise".? What? NO I did not say I love Tom Cruise for heaven's sake. And there were a few more of those things he misunderstood which kept us laughing all day.

After we had our lovely lunch, we hopped on our "golf cart of freedom", and headed to the "Walmart" of the island called Chedraui, which is WAY better than Walmart. You can buy anything/everything there, and we stocked up on coffee, cream, milk, fresh fruit, cheeses, deli meats, and snacks. We plan to have one meal out a day, and the rest filled in by light food around OUR pool. 😊

We ended up back in the pool, to a warm evening, and we heard live Latin music nearby. So later, on a whim, Al & I got changed, headed up the road expecting the band to be at a beach club where we could enjoy a little bit of Sat. night life. We park, walk over to the place, only to realize we were crashing a house party! (It's hard to distinguish the homes from the beach clubs since they are all so lavish!). Anyhow, the people were SO nice, and invited us in and back to see their lovely house but we of course declined. Party crashers that Al & I...

We ended up back at the house, reading, relaxing, and enjoyed a midnight swim in our own peaceful pool with the sounds of the waves close by and the warm water and night to soothe us into a restful sleep.

PS when you post comments, most people don't see them. Simply when you read the blog, on the upper right corner, there is a "guestbook". Click it and you will see the recent comments every time you lock on. Send me one will ya!! Oh and you have to arrow all the way to the bottom to see all the pics I worked so hard to upload!!! (heh heh)

Signing off,

Living "la vida loca"...(living the crazy life...well not so much, not so crazy, just relaxing!)

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29th June 2014
Smoked salmon penne

Life is good indeed
Lovely photos of the sunrise. Mice tangerine Sun. I wrote you yesterday. Hope you got my reply. xo Enjoy the ocean/pool,sand, the sun, the breeze the good food..the drinks,...the all. xo
29th June 2014
Smoked salmon penne

Life is good indeed
Yes Zully I got it!! Love to hear from you! Everything is beyond our expectations and we are unwinding! It is a beautiful quiet fun island with lots of charm. Love the island folks too. So warm and welcoming!

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